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  1. TPRT Signup Sheet - Red Dragon #2

    Me too please, I got 70 FS.
  2. Black Dragon Slaying

    Me too
  3. Rocking Horse Stables, 95ql Blacksmith, LT & Courier Casts

    Thanks Bibi for the fast LT cast on my rare large maul excellent service was in the mail on my next login
  4. More Seryll armour (close please)

    #9,#10 1.5s on each
  5. Trentasaurus's Blacksmithing & Weaponsmithing Tools COD-able Items Stone Chisel, Leather Knife, Awl, Scissors, Trowel, Pickaxe, Hatchet, Needle, File, Hammer, Saw, Large Anvil, Small Anvil, Carving Knife, Butcher Knife and Sickle Pick up only Items Shovel, Rake and Scythe Pick up from x15 y14 or G12 (on in game map) My Prices 80QL in Blacksmithing = 50c - Large Anvil = 1s 90QL in Blacksmithing = 1s 50c - Large Anvil = 3s 50QL in Weaponsmithing = 30c I have a lot of 80QL and 90QL Blacksmithing tools in stock so please post on this thread with the tools and QL you are after and if you want them CoD or Pick up. -__________-___________-___________-___________- Also can arrange Vynora Enchants to be added from this Priest if you leave info on required cast strength (Please see link below for pricing) Thanks for viewing my page
  6. Horses for Sale on Release

    Thanks for the 2 foals delivered fast and easy
  7. Rare Forge

  8. Fort Huntsman Merchant

    Merchant now stocked with enchanted tools aswell as normal tools My stock listings on here are not up to date so just drop by and have a look Happy Shopping !!
  9. Fort Huntsman Merchant

    Updated stock list and some prices Also i can now do 90QL tools !!
  10. Fort Huntsman Merchant

    Bump. Added Cover Picture
  11. Please Close

    What server you on?
  12. Fort Huntsman Merchant

    Now selling 70ql Blacksmithing items to order
  13. Fort Huntsman Merchant

    Restocked and ready to go!!