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  1. ^The smiley was supposed to be at the end of my post. I don't "Forum" much.
  2. @agentuspI enjoyed reading about your Wurm experience. It gives me the warm fuzzies when I learn of how a game/book/long running show really touches peoples' lives. As crazy as it sounds to nongamers, Games and *your fellow players* can become those people and experiences that easily fills our happy meters in our daily life. We go to it to recharge, connect, and experience. One of the closest thing to real magic in my opinion. It is out there still! It may not look exactly the same at first, or feel exactly the same at first, but you'll find it again. It's natural to feel sad and discouraged. Approach your search with an open mind, while remaining true to what you honor, and you'll find that magic again. Good luck to you. It sounds like your heart is in the right place. Not that I'm some expert on heart placement, just. . . I relate to you as a gamer and hope you find happiness. Guess I could have just posted only that last sentence.
  3. There were a handful of people there that had very low skills and eventually got sick of being so easily killed over and over. We rebuilt and rebuilt, fortified (extremely slowly because of how low skilled we were). But they were so over powered compared to us. Basically, they multi-killed and ran off the very players that they had any chance to have fun PvP'ing with later after we had a chance to level up. It is what it is. They didn't do anything that the game mechanics didn't allow them to do. It's just not the choice I would have made as someone complaining that there is no opposition. [Edited: But playing with and against people] is why we play MMO's and not single player games. Gotta take the good with the short sighted and all the rest.
  4. I feel like I found a hidden gem. The perfect blend between a PvP server and a PvE server. I never played on Chaos for the few years that I played EPIC on Serenity(RIP), but from what I understand, this private server is set up with a lot of similarities to Chaos. And the server is solid and takes the proper steps to ensure a "wipe" doesn't happen. I resisted WU for a long time because of the same fears of being at someone else's mercy because it would be THEIR server. But when you find a solid group with a solid plan, the thing that happens is that magic that we've all experienced in Wurm before. Not pay to win, no mods, no chests full of tools that make specialising in skills obsolete. Honestly, I don't even want to say which server publically. If you're interested, contact me. And if you are willing to follow Wheaton's rule, you'll be welcomed with open arms!
  5. Looks like you deleted the server, did you end up going somewhere else?
  6. I appreciated the poll for the same reason. People that play and would like a say, but aren't too keen about forum involvement, can choose to have a say if they want. I don't know many people that play, but the few I do fall into this category.
  7. My friend is trying to register. He has checked his spam. It has been 24 hours. The page says, "If you do not receive an email within an hour, contact a Game Master." There is no way for an unregistered person to contact a Game Master that I know of. IT is not a gmail email. It's
  8. I am having the same problem. I cleared the cache and did the trick wiuth the certificates. When I click "play" from the website, it tries to launch, then just disappears. Please help
  9. This is what it shows when I try to play from the website: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> -<jnlp href="wurmclient.jnlp" codebase="" spec="1.0"> -<information> <title>Wurm Online</title> <vendor>Code Club AB</vendor> <homepage href=""/> <description>Wurm Online client</description> <icon href="wurm-icon-128-w.jpg" height="128" width="128"/> <icon href="wurm-icon-64-w.jpg" height="64" width="64"/> <icon href="wurm-icon-32-w.jpg" height="32" width="32"/> <icon href="wurm-icon-16-w.jpg" height="16" width="16"/> <icon href="splash.gif" kind="splash"/> -<shortcut online="true"> <desktop/> <menu submenu="Wurm Online"/> </shortcut> </information> <!-- These are default values, but just to be clear --> <update policy="always" check="timeout"/> -<security> <all-permissions/> </security> -<resources> <!-- Java 1.5 is not supported starting from WurmClient 3.1 --> <j2se href="" max-heap-size="800M" initial-heap-size="128M" version="1.6+"/> <property value="true" name="sun.java2d.noddraw"/> <property value="true" name="org.lwjgl.input.Mouse.allowNegativeMouseCoords"/> <jar href="wurmclient.jar" main="true"/> <jar href="wurmres.jar"/> <jar href="libraries-stable-2013/colladabind.jar" version="1.0.0"/> <jar href="libraries-stable-2013/irclib.jar" version="1.10"/> <jar href="libraries-stable-2013/jogg.jar" version="0.0.7"/> <jar href="libraries-stable-2013/jorbis.jar" version="0.0.15"/> <jar href="libraries-stable-2013/joXSI.jar" version="1.0.0"/> <jar href="libraries-stable-2013/jzipupdate.jar" version="0.9.1"/> <jar href="libraries-stable-2013/lwjgl.jar" version="2.9.0"/> <jar href="libraries-stable-2013/lwjgl_util.jar" version="2.9.0"/> <jar href="libraries-stable-2013/PNGDecoder.jar" version="0.0.1"/> <jar href="libraries-stable-2013/slick-util.jar" version="b208"/> <jar href="libraries-stable-2013/vecmath.jar" version="1.5.2"/> <jar href="libraries-stable-2013/jbullet.jar" version="1.0.0"/> </resources> -<resources arch="x86" os="Win"> <!-- Windows 32-bit java --> <nativelib href="libraries-stable-2013/lwjgl-natives-windows.jar" version="2.9.0"/> </resources> -<resources arch="amd64" os="Win"> <!-- Windows 64-bit java --> <nativelib href="libraries-stable-2013/lwjgl-natives-windows.jar" version="2.9.0"/> </resources> -<resources arch="ppc" os="Mac"> <!-- PowerPC Mac --> <nativelib href="libraries-stable-2013/lwjgl-natives-macosx.jar" version="2.9.0"/> </resources> -<resources arch="i386" os="Mac"> <!-- Intel Mac 32-bit java --> <nativelib href="libraries-stable-2013/lwjgl-natives-macosx.jar" version="2.9.0"/> </resources> -<resources arch="x86_64" os="Mac"> <!-- Intel Mac 64-bit java --> <nativelib href="libraries-stable-2013/lwjgl-natives-macosx.jar" version="2.9.0"/> </resources> -<resources arch="i386" os="Linux"> <!-- Linux 32-bit Sun java --> <nativelib href="libraries-stable-2013/lwjgl-natives-linux.jar" version="2.9.0"/> </resources> -<resources arch="x86" os="Linux"> <!-- UNKNOWN --> <nativelib href="libraries-stable-2013/lwjgl-natives-linux.jar" version="2.9.0"/> </resources> -<resources arch="amd64" os="Linux"> <!-- Linux 64-bit Sun java --> <nativelib href="libraries-stable-2013/lwjgl-natives-linux.jar" version="2.9.0"/> </resources> -<resources arch="x86_64" os="Linux"> <!-- UNKNOWN --> <nativelib href="libraries-stable-2013/lwjgl-natives-linux.jar" version="2.9.0"/> </resources> -<resources arch="sparc" os="SunOS"> <!-- UNKNOWN --> <nativelib href="libraries-stable-2013/lwjgl-natives-solaris.jar" version="2.9.0"/> </resources> -<application-desc main-class="com.wurmonline.client.WurmLauncher"> <argument></argument> </application-desc>
  10. I am unable to use the wurm shortcut, or the launch from the Wurm website. I am using Java 64, and have been playing no problem until today. It froze my whole computer. Please help me get back in the game
  11. A good start would be to include music that only have instruments you might find in a world like Wurm. Think wind, string, drum and chamber music. Synthesizers and even pianos seem very out of place. Most of the current songs initially made me think there was a pop up add coming from some other window. When I am playing the Skyrim soundtrack over Wurm, the game feels so much more polished, heroic, and beautiful! There are currenty 2 topics that need votes on this at the voting page