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  1. +1 Freaking bugged trees, and good luck finding a traitor hen in an olive forest.
  2. To be safe, put it in a submenu, and put that in another submenu, just for good measure.
  3. How about PvP balancing and fixing Valrei? Or has Epic been forgotten because we don't have the amount of players that Freedom does? Maybe making it more enjoyable would bring in Freedomers? Also... make sure the new sea creatures don't mess up land spawns again! We don't want sharks v2.
  4. Honestly more PvP happens on Serenity than Elevation. The priest navy comes to JKH almost daily, while the only PvP that happens on Elevation involves KoS.
  5. I'm almost certain it's more than 15%.
  6. LOL Nsu. That kind of attitude is why I went to Epic. If someone acts like that, I just walk over and kill them. If they keep acting like that, the whole server ends up killing them (has happened multiple times between the SBM crew, Davidlewisbell, and some others). The tin isn't what bothered me. Try walking through an olive forest some time. Now try doing it where some immature child (how hypocritical of you to call me that by the way) decided to plant it on a path down the mountain from where you live. You see my problem now? Overaged olive trees don't just block vision. They are a perfect example of why we don't need more collision detection in Wurm Online. You said grow a pair, well that is what I did. I went to a PvP server, where the real Wurmians play and aren't concerned about getting killed by a troll and having to walk five minutes to take our gear back. PS If you have to ask a GM if a name is legal, then obviously it is something that someone might find offensive, and it's another reason that you are the pot calling the kettle black. I'm immature LOL OK.
  7. No, the coin we named wasn't "Miley". Also, I saw a deed named "Filthy Ore" on Freedom. It was a mining deed that blocked my access to some tin, and an olive forest was established later which also blocked horse travel and required going around the deed. This annoyed me, so I contacted a GM and used the suggested name as a reason to ask for action to be taken. I was told that the name wasn't illegal and nothing could be done. TLDR: Most of the stuff people complain about isn't illegal, and is barely even offensive.
  8. Top rated village. Stay fresh and join LoG!
  9. Weren't a lot of the previous nerfs to tame length and difficulty (at least over the past few years) due to dragon riding? It seems a bit over the top considering it previously almost always failed without the crown, and now it isn't even possible with the crown. EDIT: I say "almost always failed" because some guy with a good Mag priest on JKH managed to dominate the forest giant without the crown, leading to Rolf nerfing dominating yet again.
  10. +1 Also, there is really one person in the game who legitimately got 100 FS, and he is an active PvPer on Epic (FS does not receive double gain as far as I know). The rest are on Chaos, and they repeatedly killed alts for their 100 FS, so it isn't realistic to expect to get 100 FS from mobs alone, hence the reason for FS gain in PvE slowing down drastically after 70. EDIT: Also, spawns in caves need to be toned down. I'm sure there are a lot of animals in abandoned and probably collapsed mines that no one even knows about. They hog the animal cap. Don't forget about sharks either, I don't think that problem has been completely fixed either.
  11. Actually, a lot of the long time Freedomers have better skills and body stats than many players that are new to Chaos.
  12. -1 I don't want 10 year old accounts with 70 body and 50 stamina running around, not to mention the pre-fight-fix 95+ fighting stance skills, alt farmed 100 FS, and if their inventories transfer too, drake and scale will become a necessity to PvP. Reasoning behind this: 1. There are very few people with 70 body on Epic. 2. Stamina can only be gained by woodcutting (and milling, but that's just a joke). There are very few people with over 40 stamina, and none over 50. 3. Stance skills are harder to skill because of the curve. Most good accounts have 60s to 70s. There may be a few in the 80s, not sure, but no one has 90 as far as I know. 4. There is one person with 100 FS, and it's really something like 99.9995, which he got from killing players, not alts at an undefended start town for a bogus kingdom. 5. Drake and scale aren't that common, it is hardly used, and it should stay that way. We don't need this stuff to become another check box on the PvP check list. 6. We don't need even more people with shield of the gone.
  13. In JKE, we did that, but we renamed them to a name that most of us did get banned for...
  14. Maybe things don't need to be removed then? Just a thought. *cough* Skirmishes Thread *cough*