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  1. Forge requires multiple materials to create, to be exact total of 22 - this gives roughly 4.5% chance to turn it rare.
  2. Chance in first case is actually 0%, rarity of materials is not checked at all for things requiring just two materials to create. Second statement is true - any rare material or hitting a window gives 1/(amount of materials) chance, so 33% for 3, 25% for 4 etc.
  3. If you have your own deed in WU, you can use already existing in-game option to go to your village token (you must be a mayor) and export your whole deed and perimeter to DeedPlanner.
  4. I can confirm, only female can pass the condition to the offspring. Passed condition is either the same as the female or none at all.
  5. Server updated to the latest version - come and join us!
  6. I would say that it's not a bad score - easily places Wurm Unlimited in top 20 games on Steam when it comes to average playtime and highest out of all indie games (Garry's Mod being second just half hour below).
  7. Thanks for info, I will take a look at these bugs soon. When it comes to global add height - that's intended, this feature exists mostly to correct the height of exported maps (obsolete right now).
  8. Old site will permanently stop working in 2 days, please change bookmarks and all links to point to the new one instead.
  9. In 2d mode, one of possible things to do is zooming out the map and then zooming it as dragging is faster in case of more zoomed out maps. In 3d view, shift+movement keys allow to move much faster (assuming default keybindings).
  10. Minor feature coming to DeedPlanner 2.8.10: flat/uneven tiles highlighting! It comes together with few smaller improvements to height edition modes. (in colorblind mode green tint is replaced with blue)
  11. There was an update about them in last week Valrei International:
  12. Update as Yldrania asked me to post it and cannot do it on her own right now. Yldrania will be unavailable for unknown time from now, will most likely post in this thread when more will be known.