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  1. DeedPlanner 2.8.8 released! Changes: Added async texture loading Maps sent to Pastebin are now compressed before being sent - this enables use of Pastebin for much larger maps than before (GZIP compression with output converted to Base64) Slightly optimized mesh rendering by removing unnecessary OpenGL calls Fixed two incorrect bridge model mappings Fixed bug making models scaling work incorrectly for models with multiple meshes Fixed sandstone fences using wrong materials to build Fixed mappings for amphora and planter racks This is first public release using GitHub Releases instead of Dropbox. I'm going on vacations from 1st to 14th August, so this is most likely the last release before I will come back.
  2. There is an option to hide trees in 2d view (under the "view" menu), better solution might come later but isn't planned so far.
  3. Small heads up - current version of DeedPlanner is the last one downloadable via Dropbox. All new releases will be using GitHub Releases system. Other than download process looking different and average download speeds being faster and more reliable (at least from my observations), this shouldn't be a noticeable change for most users. The nice extra of this change is that future changelogs will be shown in attractive good way, with possibility to download older versions. Next minor version will bring few more interesting engine features - other than some extra optimizations, asynchronous texture loading is now supported. It should make process of loading large maps much smoother, as well as minimize "clipping" when moving around in both 2d and 3d views. In addition, maps sent to Pastebin are now compressed before sending, which will allow to upload MUCH larger maps (+/- 25 times larger being the upper limit). Based on feedback I might introduce this feature for file saving as well.
  4. Two bridge "tiles" were using incorrect models, fixed now - thanks! Edit: reply 2222 in this thread.
  5. Could I ask for save file please? It should tell me a lot about this issue.
  6. Enchanted pendulum cannot be used for its original purpose (finding tiles with water) anymore.
  7. DeedPlanner 2.8.7 released! Changes: Added wooden portcullis Ground renderer optimizations (ground rendering is roughly twice as fast now) Fixed 2d renderer frustum culling (4 to 10 times faster 2d rendering in most situations) Fixed 2d renderer bounds (no more black space or unaccessible tiles on the right map edge depending on aspect ratio) I still see lots of room for optimizations (which I found necessary after seeing how badly DeedPlanner performs on really large plans), but 2d performance should be good enough already to make editing the large plans comfortable even on very low-end machines or making it possible to run program alongside, not instead of one Wurm window. Wooden portcullis got added to bring the program compatible with exporter again, exporter update will follow soon.
  8. I was trying to find the original Swedish version on YouTube, but found only the English one, so...
  9. You access mine layer in DeedPlanner by going into the floors below the ground, the same way you go up to build the higher floors. Underground layer exists on every DeedPlanner map.
  10. Try removing your DeedPlanner configuration folder found in your user directory, it should be called either ".DeedPlanner" or "DeedPlanner". In-game export doesn't export underground layer.
  11. Wooden portcullis will require DeedPlanner update, these seem to be missing in the program as well. I will check if mine doors can be exported, but cannot guarantee anything in this case. Missing pavements will be added in client update I will release just after the compatibility DeedPlanner update for it. Is there anything important missing? I will take a look at diagonal pavements as well as these seem to be ignored by exporter right now.
  12. The only problem in Dropbox case - if transfer is too large, all downloads (including viewing the images) get temporarily blocked - I hit this bottleneck relatively often lately. Also, moved the topic to Wood Scraps - it fits better there.