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  1. Heh I think it's boring when all the resources are on your deed. I specifically wanted a map to play on that encouraged you to build a ship and sail around to get resources, meaning no location should have everything but yeah I think the balance isn't quite there. I think I developed a warped sense of distance because I got so used to flying around in GM mode when I was checking for problems when painting it and didn't realize just how much faster it is than traveling normally. Need to check the swimming distances also , I was surprised when I started playing on it and died swimming from mount fuji to the black light, I definitely thought that was a doable distance when I was painting it. There's another problem too, I didn't realize the no building zone around the lights would be as large as it is. Right now the islands around the skull island are covered by it to some degree, so I need to move the islands around slightly. so version 2 is coming at some point but I might not get around to it for quite a while, life is busy atm
  2. gonna modify this a bit. some of the islands are a bit of a rough start and need tar so that you can build a rowboat to get around. The southeast islands could use a bit more wood too
  3. I am dead. Dead I tell you! This was a weird experiment. I hand painted the height map in photoshop and used generator fx for the rest. I wanted a map that was very sailing friendly but also require some canals and bridges so there's a lot of water and rivers. The whole thing is much flatter and closer to sea level than I might have liked due to how I generated the basic terrain and the fact I didn't know what I was doing when I started; it would look rather different if I had started it with what I know now but hey it's friendly to build on I guess the irony of this is that now that I have it done I have very little motivation to actually play on it. It's too familiar to me, I know every inch of this map lmao I included the wurmitems.db from the sqlite folder so that the black and white light shows up where I placed terrain for it but you're free to skip the file and put them wherever you want of course The ores are left on the default from map generator FX but all the files requires to regenerate the map are included so if you want you can load the heightmap into the generator, create an ore layer with what you want and load the action file to get all the biomes.
  4. nevermind figured it out, it's in the wurmitems.db file
  5. I had specific spots made for the lights in a custom map I'm making but I can't figure out where the location is saved. Just trying to figure out what files I need to include when I package it for download so that they show up in the proper spot for other people
  6. Well I tried out the game about a decade ago and quit after two days, and recently started with Wurm Unlimited so I feel like I have a foot in both doors so to speak. My worthless 2 cents: 1. "the game feels old" as a lot of people would say. Half of that is the kinesthetics are garbage. You can't jump, walking is slow and it feels like you're floating above the ground, the animations barely exist. The basic feel of the game walking around and fighting and doing things is very thin. As someone who is just old enough to have played a MUD briefly right when they stopped existing, this game feels like a thin graphical interface over a mud and this isn't a deal breaker to me but it's an instant turn off for a lot of people who have simply either gotten used to the improvement in this regard or are younger and take them for granted. The other half is the graphics which I probably don't need to elaborate on. 2. There are significant barriers to getting started in this game. I don't know what the tutorial is like now versus ten years ago when I tried it but needless to say for a game that demands so much of you in terms of time and learning the complexities of the game the on ramp needs to be as smooth as you can possibly get it. A lot of players who would otherwise enjoy the sort of game this is are going to quit because they can't figure out what to do or there are too many hassles to getting started (finding empty space, mobs spawning everywhere) and other games are more accessible. I spent a year of my life playing nothing but Dwarf Fortress and I still thought this game was too hard to get into. 3. A core aspect of the game, the building, is simply done better elsewhere. The terrain modification and building was probably revolutionary when the game released but there are a ton of survival/crafting games now that don't deal with the square grid limitations, and they also let you toss up servers so you can play those multiplayer too. I don't know if the online half has more content than unlimited but I was frankly shocked at how little options you have in terms of furniture and decorations in this game, this seems like one of the simpler sorts of content to add and for a game that has existed so long it's legitimately weird there aren't more options. Given that I don't play the online version of this game, I actually have a question: What is the value added to this game being an MMO? The only thing I can think of off the top of my head is a persistent world where the long grind to skill up holds value, essentially being a game for people who have a very high tolerance of delayed gratification. If the game had better core gameplay (combat/building) I think more people would tolerate the long grind to mastery. Alternately if you ditch the grind and go all in on an accessible and decently quick creative sandbox I think people would play that too, but the combination of an outdated sandbox with a long grind is going to be a very niche thing.
  7. my river is full of sharks lol there is a slight problem in that all the rivers count as salt water. Not sure how the game determines that I wonder if the depth has anything to do with the spawns might have to raise the river floor and see
  8. I am very close to being done. I have one landmass left to paint the terrain for and a few minor islands and one continent to do biomes for. I can't wait to finish this because my patience has about run out lol I just want this to be over now
  9. So question, how do servers get the white/black lights to show up? They seem to be absent from the default creative wurm servers been prepping terrain for the altars but I don't know how to move them yet
  10. I wonder if I have the workflow backwards from what it ought to have been. I started the same way I do map art, which is to start with the major landmasses and ocean, and then paint detail on top of the land mass. But for a height map I think that might have made my life a lot harder, because you have to blend in what you paint on top and it's very easy to fail to do that properly and create jagged terrain, especially around the shore lines. If I had to do it over I think I'd start on a black canvas and block in the mountain ranges, terrain and rivers first, smooth it, paint the finer details, toss some randomization on top and then only when all of that was done to slope the shorelines as the last step rather than the first. Ironically I started off doing it procedurally because I wanted to minimize the amount of hand painting thinking that would make things easier but actually I should have hand painted a lot more than I did. If I ever end up making another map I think I will try the opposite of what I am doing now.
  11. I'm about 50% done with the map now but unfortunately I'm solidly in the "ugh can this just be over already" stage of art projects. I have two large land masses left that I don't really know what to do with here's another swamp test I feel like this is finally adequate. It also occurs to me that I shouldn't have this right along the riverbank and if I were doing this properly I'd have branches off the river that end in this kind of terrain but I am very unmotivated to go back and redraw the river now lol I think I'm just gonna leave it in interest of getting it done
  12. not familiar with but if you need help I'll answer what questions I can. Getting the technical stuff to work was definitely a challenge
  13. I feel like I'm dropping too many screenshots but this just turned out unexpectedly pretty the work is going much faster now that I kind of know what I'm doing. It's starting to feel more fun and less like bashing my head against a wall
  14. Gotta say this is the weirdest art project I've embarked on lol like after spending this long on it I would say it's totally not worth it if I were just trying to get a map to play on that I kind of like. I think auto generating one and then modifying it a little is a lot less effort for probably just as good results. I've done map art before and it's just cool to draw something and then have it turn into a 3d world, if I weren't invested in this as an art thing rather than a gameplay thing I think I'd have quit by now