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  1. The 100 JS title is 'Rumpelstiltskin', achieved by Aeris (with her manly muscles)
  2. Ah dangit, you won! Nice one, Willow
  3. I've long toyed with the idea in my head of having gems act like a form of single-use storage medium for spells, a "channel-now-cast-later" kind of feature where the gem QL could impact the maximum cast power. Depending on how these pre-channeled cast containers work and who can use them we could have a number of interesting applications. If you allowed mundane characters to use the gems, a priest could possibly sell their useful spells for people to use without needing to be present at the final target of the cast. So for example you could have a crafter buying an 85 CoC pre-casted gem for casting coc on whatever tool they see fit without requiring transporting the item to the priest, or a fighter by a pre-channeled Oakshell gem for use in sticky situations. Granted there's likely more than a few balance issues to work out in such a system which would likely have to include things like power decay and various forms of usage restrictions. EDIT: If maintaining PvP status-quo is always prioritized whenever new features are considered then this game will not change the slightest in a hundred years.
  4. Archery is great fun and in some situations it can be quite effective but I would say "No"; unfortunately it's not viable in the sense I suspect you're after. Speaking strictly in a PVE context Archery is not a viable substitute for Fighting, it's a complement at best. Some games feature ranged combat and close-quarters as two opposing skill paths both equal in benefits and weaknesses, but I find this is not the case with Wurm. Your total offensive capacity after spending X hours in archery training is always going to be less than after spending the same hours training melee. While you're certainly going to be able to snipe deer at a distance with just a couple of shots, it would still always be much faster and more effective to just run up to the bastard and slice him up. Factoring in the encumbrance and creation process of arrows it seems "the curve" of the Archery skill really struggles to compare with Fighting. The situational benefits of Archery are considerable however. Some of the tougher enemies like hell hounds and trolls, which pose a serious threat to insufficiently skilled or just unlucky brawlers, can be engaged effectively and relatively safely at range at practically any Archery skill level.
  5. I have no problem dealing with hell hounds and I like having tough mobs around in general, but I find their attributes and frequency incongruous with the Wurm fauna in a somewhat annoying way. The general rule of thumb with creatures in games is that the appearances of the tougher ones are either less frequent or localized (I.E lairs). Also, the visual appearance of an enemy is ususally consistent with its threat level, size being the most important property. Trolls? Fine, they're menacing foes and their towering figure accurately reflect the punch they pack, but they spawn near lairs. Hellhounds however you can find jumping you anywhere, with nothing much but their small particle effect betraying their location or just how potentially dangerous they are.
  6. Separating the social friends system from the permission management is an absolute necessity.
  7. It was, and still is, right here in our village shoutbox actually: http://silenthillvillage.x10.mx/
  8. Well, this was a quite a sadness-flavored christmas sandwich for us to snack on. Loss of items is a familiar thing but it feels especially rotten when you've had someone go through literally all your belongings and grab what they like with the sole intent of making a quick buck. Hopefully we can reach some form of positive conclusion.
  9. It's a cute idea, but honestly the appearance of characters should be left in the hands of the player directly.
  10. To be honest I'd avoid having anything like that typical cheap-looking brightly-colored grand piano keyroll invade Wurm's GUI. We have action keybinds that fill pretty much the same role more elegantly, what we could use however is a pop-up graphical interface for mapping those keys.
  11. Bit of a ###### move, but to be honest it seems a bit early to build highways. Building roads is fun work and you can cover lots of ground quickly, but if somebody doesn't want a road near their deed I'd consider respecting that.
  12. If we want balance in the market we might wanna look at tweaking the efficiency of the unique armors rather than withhold the resource.
  13. You'd probably find a niche audience for that. I get that you're saying that the developer's vision of the game is entirely subjective and may be different to yours, and you are entirely right. If I started smelling poo that'd be my que to jump ship. The development direction of any game regardless of genre is ultimately subject to the tastes and visions of its creators. The devs make the game they think they'd want to play within the parameters they see as feasible. All games are developed like this, but it only becomes an apparent problem with "in-progress" games such as Wurm. EDIT: The poll isn't even the issue here. Even if the poll outcomes were 100% binding, that still wouldn't grant the community control over the development process because the selection of questions and options would, too, be affected by the developer's ideas of what the game should be like. The significance of the new poll system is that it's accessible to more players unlike forum polls and thus represents the community's opinions better.
  14. Wurm is rather CPU-intensive comparatively. The most significant difference in looks (after texture resolution, which is a matter of memory) comes from enabling all shadows, which essentially cuts performance right in half compared to no shadows at all. Gaming laptops are a fantastic option for those with the coin, but the point is that a desktop build will always outperform a laptop for the same amount of money. It's just a bit more expensive to max out the graphics of Wurm on a laptop.
  15. To gauge the community's opinion when the devs are on the fence of something, or when there's a decision to be made that impacts the game experience in a way that's very subjective to player tastes? Let's not assume these new polls were part of some drastic overhaul of how the game is managed. The development direction of the game has never been subject to direct democracy. Polls have probably had an effect on some dev decisions, but practicality and the "ultimate vision" of developers have always been the foundation of any development decisions.
  16. While the lack of a generic visual cue for differentiating between butchered and unbutchered corpses, this "butcher refuse pile" creates a consistency problem (item name, corpse type confusion) that may actually be a bit worse, on top of looking generally strange. Either way, the size of the model should probably scale with the weight of the corpses to seem more intuitive.
  17. The building restrictions severely reduces the maximum amount of land that can be claimed with doughnut houses compared to fences, and the material requirements makes claiming large sections of land difficult (again, compared stone/wooden fences of previously). While I generally agree that off-deed land should not be free to claim 100% safely in limitless quantity, I suspect the aforementioned limitations will make off-deed land hogging much less of a problem than it has been. If that turns out not to be the case, I'm sure the GM/Dev team will crack down on doughnut houses the same way they did with fence enclosures.
  18. Regardless of the outcomes of this test, I personally think introductions of new servers model XXL should be held off until they actually work, I.E are stable and optimized enough to be able to function as a substitute for a cluster of smaller servers. Aside from the usual excitement surrounding every new server opening a new one that are "only" 4x larger seems anticlimactic and a bit pointless.
  19. In my opinion it should. You make a homestead in the desert with lots of trees, the desert will eventually reclaim it once you're gone. Like the forest currently does. This helps making the game world actually feel a bit more alive.
  20. That's my point; We need "real" deserts. And real steppe, real tundra, real mountains and whatnot. I.E regions that are "aware" of what they're supposed to be, not just a collection with an arbitrary texture that sits oblivious of its context in the world. The game world needs to have a life of its own and not only react to what players do to it. -1 to regional resources however. Varying scarcity would work (and resistance to players attempting to change that scarcity), but simply blocking certain types of resources from appearing in certain areas would just be a pain.