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  1. Is this character a part of the same deed? If not, then you can get a timer longer than 0. Also, you don't necessarily have to be in full combat mode to trigger the timer. You could be in the same area that someone else could be say- moving a hell horse that attacks or what not, and still have to wait the 5 mins. My priests that hold other deeds and actually reside at mine always have a timer logging out. It is never instant.
  2. Looks that way. It's being worked on!
  3. I played Everquest starting in 2000.. I picked this name originally for an woodelf druid, Silvirwolfe Darkmoon as it seemed to fit with her at the time. I had also recreated her on a different server as a barbie shaman. This name (and a few others that I now have as alts in Wurm) have traveled across many games. From pen and paper dnd, to EQ2, DND online, LoTRO, WoW... She's seen a lot in her lifetime. (Also, anyone that knows me well, knows that I am a fan of wolves and anything silver, as my collection of horses in game will show)
  4. I tried that before, but it didn't seem to want to work. I will try again though. Thanks LionIX! EDIT: Second time worked like a charm. Thank you again!
  5. Is there a way to rotate objects you place? I can't seem to find a way to do so.
  6. Rabbid Raker Scratching The Surface Crop Detangler Extraordinaire
  7. 25) Sol Demon R36G160B240 29) Bull vs bear R126G46B200 79) Nogump R16G128B192 Silvirwolfe is my ingame name
  8. What made my Wurm start difficult.. Well, first off... Was watching my husband play this insane game with so many menus, so many right clicks for EVERYTHING. It took him 3 months to convince me to even TRY to play. Even at that, everyone was in green... You stood on a cart... There were no quests to complete. He finally got me to sit down and complete a couple walls on his first house for him while he went to take a shower. Then he told me about the beautifully colored unicorns. I caved. Made an account.. Then struggled through right clicking every action, making a halfway presentable deed for us, 20ql chain armor... 20 ql iron long swords. Then our neighbor to the south, she was sweet, would give us advise and such, but then her friend, Miss Goth legend herself, Pomona, would show up and dazzle me with her different clothing and edgy ways. Lost my gear hunting with some of our first alliance.. No maps, just a general direction and apparently an angry troll. No worries though.. I got my stuff back and we put that troll in it's place. Even if it took 6 of us.
  9. There is an expandable list on this page that tells you how much dye you would need
  10. With the new update, the sails on the sailing boats seem to have lost their color. All other boats are unaffected.
  11. Yeah, I figured as much. Especially with 1 post. Still said what was on my mind though.