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  1. I was sad to hear of your passing Lag. I loved when you opened up, because you were a sweet person with a snarky flair. I didn't care how you rambled on, because you weren't being quiet. I really hope you are in a better place, because you will be missed in this current one.
  2. Not sure if these are intended to be imped or not, but as it says above. Activated iron lump, right click, no option to imp. The examine info also doesn't say that you need "x item" to imp, but there is an icon for it in your inventory.
  3. For the record, off deed is a different issue. Anything on perimeter/offdeed will decay. This is an actual bug report for mechanics that don't match up via the direction you are trying to implement them. Both on deed, same situation, just different cardinal directions.
  4. As the title says.. Dreaded N/S vs E/W bug.... Mystic Sands on Indy has a 2 tile canal entrance at a 93 slope, facing E/W. Opened through to Monastic Haunt, same level continuously, cannot add the mine doors on that side at the same 93 slope facing N/S. Forsete tried to attach the door as well on Haunt side, [13:22:21] <Forsete> [20:22:43] That hole is too big to be covered. Sinestra opened another tunnel, 95 slope on the E/W side and showed Forsete that we could indeed add a door. I realize this was removed due to bugs on the PVP side of things, but is the limit really necessary on the PVE side? Especially if it is partially working. EDIT: I do apologize for putting a personal wish at the end, it is not intended as a discussion piece.
  5. Are you sure it isn't Pomona in disguise???
  6. Having fireplaces on deed with well over 30 days taking dmg. This was brought to my attention by Uisge, as one of his completely decayed, leaving items on the ground and the other he has was taking dmg as well. Please lock and delete if this is intended. [22:35:27] A decorative open fireplace which provides light and warmth to those nearby. The open fireplace has some irregularities that must be removed with a stone chisel. Ql: 26.8592, Dam: 7.59022. You can barely make out the signature of its maker, '.il...w....'. The fire is not lit. [22:42:34] A decorative open fireplace which provides light and warmth to those nearby. It could be improved with some stone shards. Ql: 79.4654, Dam: 2.53286. You can easily make out the signature of its maker, 'Chiqa'. The fire is not lit. ( this one I have not repaired, if someone needs to look. It is located on Release, Lycan's Inferno in the Darmoon Rising building on the east entrance of the building)
  7. Do you have a wagon and 2 tall banners available? Would you deliver to J24 on release?
  8. Pink Dot on the left is Lycan's Inferno. Purple dot on the right is Darkmoon Rising
  9. I explained. Stop spinning circles. Conversation is over with me at this point. Period.
  10. If you have paid attention to CAHelp which you frequent and have asked these question and participated in... QL of the shovel factors in how fast you dig.. COC changes how much experience you get. WOA changes how fast your action with said tool is... Your current skill factors in ALL of this. You are asking questions you already know answers to. I am done playing the Question answer portion of your game.. Have a Nice Day!
  11. I don't suggest reproducing any "experiment". I am simply giving my input as you asked. Information YOU provided btw.
  12. "Normal" terraforming is relative. Most people don't spend all their time on it. Ofc you can gain skill in something that you do day after day. However... There are factors that you could change in there, such as the QL of the shovel and the WOA/COC and it would change that. Is an excellent question. These are things that maybe some people didn't know.. But if you make a few comments on your time doing it and possibly even saying you aren't grinding ( anyone that spends their days doing what they love, eventually grinds.. especially when they announce progress in GL.. We have all done it.) You are looking for feedback.