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  1. And I could quote the whole damn thing, cause you are right, but I am correct too... I can hop on WoW and have a 120 within a week if I so wanted. They are handed easy mode to grind and be on the top tier for insta gratification. I mean, just look at minecraft. Even they caved and catered to a creative mode so if all you wanted to do is build, you can build. In a sense, Wurm catered to that as well with WU. As an "older" player, I do laugh at those that complain that it is hard... The game really isn't. Sorry you have to work on things, sorry you have to play past the freebie 20 point to experience what you really want to.. Both times I came back after a break, I did so for the community and the game play. I like seeing what I can accomplish with a blank space. Even years later when I change up what is already there. Fun is subjective, everyone can have a different opinion on it.
  2. It's not even that though. So many new players are so used to everything being handed to them in other games that they can't appreciate what Wurm actually gives. What's the point in gaming if you are decked out right from the start?? What keeps you there? What makes you want to stay long term? If you already have it all in the beginning, what's the point? Change is good, but if I have to present you with a key to your own prefabricated deed, a full premium package for the price of nothing and 100 skill... What's the point? Just buy someone's character.
  3. Everyone's reasoning for sticking around will be different. Everyone's end goal will be theirs alone. Instead of ripping it apart, celebrate it for what it is. It's a shame when people who obviously enjoy playing and do so still find any reason to rip apart seams that they don't really need to.
  4. I honestly think it's a good idea. It stops the fights over mobs, karma that is wasted on freedom and building up has another purpose. It encourages players to participate in missions, gives an equal playing field to those that want to be involved in unique killings. I would amend his idea though and say that karma should be a requirement to get into unique slaying. 10k or more to attend and instead of butchering the corpse to get items like the bone and tome, if the mob has it available, randomly drop it in someone's inventory like the rift jewelry.
  5. 90,69ql shovel, iron - 88woa 88coc // 75c Send to Silvirwolfe please I appreciate it!
  6. Send them to Silvirwolfe, I can mix them Jim. I'll send them back cod for shipping. Bloodscythe- 7 LW pots inc shortly([20:57:38] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes.) Thanks
  7. Carp, black smithing and tailoring SOLD.
  8. Latest crash for this morning.. It bounces between this and java not responding.
  9. Potions, oils and ointments for sale. Fletching Potion, Ointment of Stonecutting, - 1.50s Each Potion of Acid, Salve of Frost- 2s Each Oil of Armoursmith - 2s Each Oil of Weaponsmith- 2s Each Potion of Leatherworking- 2s Each Please Specify type and QL of potions you want. All prices include COD. I will also be happy to mix bloods you have for only the shipping cost. 90NS skill.
  10. Rest in peace my dear friend... I will miss you dearly. I will save a vein for you to mine out when you need.