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  1. WTS various potions/oils

    Carp, black smithing and tailoring SOLD.
  2. Latest crash for this morning.. It bounces between this and java not responding.
  3. WTS various potions/oils

    Potions, oils and ointments for sale. Fletching Potion, Ointment of Stonecutting, - 1.50s Each Potion of Acid, Salve of Frost- 2s Each Oil of Armoursmith - 2s Each Potion of Leatherworking- 2s Each Please Specify type and QL of potions you want. All prices include COD. I will also be happy to mix bloods you have for only the shipping cost. 90NS skill.
  4. Gone Fishing, Catch You Later - Tich / Pifa / Epona

    Rest in peace my dear friend... I will miss you dearly. I will save a vein for you to mine out when you need.
  5. Shows it as incomplete. [13:00:39] You have been premium consecutively for 37 months since Dec 2013.
  6. Hota's / Gifts Sale

    Thanks for the fast delivery!
  7. Hota's / Gifts Sale

    Wolf vs Bison 5s Can this be delivered to Lycan's Inferno, J24 on Release?
  8. Iron Metal Brush 3q 84coc 50c Iron Metal Brush 3q 85coc 50c COD to Silvirwolfe please
  9. Recruitment tab in game

    We also have a WTS/WTT/WTB forum and we have a trade channel. As I stated before, I don't like ignoring perfectly nice people for village recruitment in game.
  10. Recruitment tab in game

    Just like the trade chat, we need a recruitment tab. I don't have a problem with people wanting to recruit, but when I see it every half hour to hour, it makes me want to /ignore a perfectly nice player for no reason other than I am tired of the advertisement. Wouldn't be too hard to implement and would save a lot of groans in Freedom/GL freedom.
  11. Black Wolf Helms

    Bumping this up.. We need Wolfskin helms
  12. 1 gold for sale

    1 gold for sale, Verified Paypal only- 1EU 1 Silver . I would prefer not to split
  13. sold

    Thank you for all the well wishes and also the bids for the items. I have sent PM's to those that bought the items to arrange a time to collect and pickup.
  14. IMO, Dragon fights (along with any other unique)have always been first come, first serve. In the past, were there questions about this when there was only 1 unique type mob per server? Yes. But the truth is, now they spawn more than once now.. Maybe not exactly when you want them to, but they do. Look for the mobs. The reason they are found so quickly is because they are actively searched for. If it is an open raid, GREAT! If not, then it is what it is. There will be other dragons/uniques on other servers and our own. Good luck on the fight and remember the most important thing... HAVE FUN! In the end they are just pixels