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  1. We also have a WTS/WTT/WTB forum and we have a trade channel. As I stated before, I don't like ignoring perfectly nice people for village recruitment in game.
  2. Just like the trade chat, we need a recruitment tab. I don't have a problem with people wanting to recruit, but when I see it every half hour to hour, it makes me want to /ignore a perfectly nice player for no reason other than I am tired of the advertisement. Wouldn't be too hard to implement and would save a lot of groans in Freedom/GL freedom.
  3. Bumping this up.. We need Wolfskin helms
  4. 1 gold for sale, Verified Paypal only- 1EU 1 Silver . I would prefer not to split
  5. Thank you for all the well wishes and also the bids for the items. I have sent PM's to those that bought the items to arrange a time to collect and pickup.
  6. IMO, Dragon fights (along with any other unique)have always been first come, first serve. In the past, were there questions about this when there was only 1 unique type mob per server? Yes. But the truth is, now they spawn more than once now.. Maybe not exactly when you want them to, but they do. Look for the mobs. The reason they are found so quickly is because they are actively searched for. If it is an open raid, GREAT! If not, then it is what it is. There will be other dragons/uniques on other servers and our own. Good luck on the fight and remember the most important thing... HAVE FUN! In the end they are just pixels
  7. Sale will end this Monday. Thank you all for your bids and support. I will let the new owners know by PM and arrange payment/pickup schedules then!
  8. Original owner.. She still plays under Chiqqa.
  9. As topic says, looking to sell a full Black drake set (chest is rare) all Boston Brand armor and 3 hota's. All are red. All coin/money goes to help out Chiqa, as her husband was taken off his ventilator yesterday afternoon. I will accept Verified paypal or coin, highest offer takes it. Hota's are at Misty Harbor in Exodus, I will not deliver them, but I can mail the drake if you are wanting to risk it. Thanks much! EDIT: This is for the original owner of Chiqa, she now plays Chiqqa. SALE IS OVER, THANK YOU ALL AND THE NEW OWNERS HAVE BEEN NOTIFIED
  10. Silvir, if you are still into WU don't forget to come to Razor's Edge if you need a place to go!!! We would love to have you guys there.




  11. Smelly's deeds dropped there long ago. If it is free, deed it!
  13. Build a fence around the statue. That's what I have done with all but 1 of mine. Gives you peace of mind.
  14. Real Life. Some of us don't announce when we leave or when we might have an absence. It is because we know at some point we will be back, that we sometimes lurk the forums and that even though we don't log in.... We miss and love the game.
  15. Neither has Uisge. GL to you on your endeavors.