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  1. So I was breeding some bison and hell horses while talking to my friend about her friend having twin boys yadda yadda yaddda Then it hits me. Why not have twins in Wurm? The offspring twins would have the same exact traits, looks, colors, etc etc. We could play around with the percentages, base them on AH skill, whatever we want. Breeders let's hear it. Have an animal that puts out good traits? Wouldn't it be cool to have a chance at her doubling her output once in a while?
  2. The devs have been on a roll lately, but this change is a head-scratcher indeed. Did they even think it through? +1.
  3. Probably finish the staircase then bash all the supporting floors? I'll test this tonight.
  4. Thank you. Wurm's problem is timers are TORTURE with starter tools, and acceptable with awesome enchanted tools. We need to change them to be acceptable with starter tools, and AWESOME with high QL enchanted tools.
  5. +1 But I would HATE to have to grind Metallurgy just to have access to it though. Just imo.
  6. Actually you cannot "combine" shards of rocks to make bricks. In ancient times, bricks were cut directly from the rock. So hmmm not a bad idea I really don't see how this suggestion, and many others, could possibly be so controversial. It doesn't impact anyone's gameplay. It doesn't effect the PVP meta. And it doesn't change the balance of anything. For example if you want to start a fire without kindling and use woodscraps, just make it take twice as long per-action to start the fire as it would using kindling. Or add X higher chance of failure. BAM! That way those of you who apparently love kindling can keep using it and it remains the superior choice, but it gives people who are out of kindling or whatever the option to use woodscraps to start fire. Banging flint on rocks to start a fire, in a game where we have permanently burning torches, seems kind of a stupid method anyway.... Why can't I just stick my flaming torch in my forge and start it that way?
  7. You're playing a game where people can cast magic spells. But you're drawing the line at how we start fires and bringing up science? LOL
  8. I've never seen a unicorn in real life either lol. I don't see why it's a big deal if someone wants to start a fire with scraps instead of kindling.
  9. Technically you don't get kindling from cutting up wood or trees at all! Kindling is small twigs and sticks. You cannot create "kindling" from wood scraps at all. So I guess all you people hung up on realism just had your mind blow lol.
  10. Nobody said it was hard. And nobody said you shouldn't be able to make kindling for WC if you wanted to. Enough with the kneejerk -1's. At least READ the OP's posts first.
  11. +1 This at least gives SOME use for woodscraps. Reduces tedium too.
  12. Is their spawn rate tied into the server creature count cap or something? I just can't believe how hard I've tried to find one and have failed. It shouldn't be just up to dumb luck whether or not you find one in my opinion.
  13. Zerocool this really isn't a game where you farm mobs for "loot", so not sure what that has to do with anything...
  14. So after riding around in desperation for hours in heavy fog, I'm yet again frustrated by the fact that I've never seen one of these new creatures. Much less having killed one. First off I want to thank the devs for finally adding a new mob type. Those of us who can kill trolls in our sleep appreciate it. But something needs to be done. The fog+Fog Spiders event doesn't feel very..well..event like if you can't even find them. When the fog rolls in, these things should be WAY more visible and plentiful. They should swarm out from the fog. When the fog rolls in, people should be like "Oh crap, my FS is kinda low...I better stay inside or keep a look out!" More fog spiders please!