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  1. As the title says, would be awesome to be able to sell horses with the wagoner! Instead of having to drive or ride to buy them!
  2. It would be so nice and fun to be able to wax food items, with beeswax! (Not to steal it from Sklo, but would be fun)
  3. IS there a way to make conditioned normal animals spawn? Like sheeps etc? OR is it one of SKlo deepest secrets? lol
  4. It would be awesome to have guestbooks to write in when you visiting someones deed!
  5. I wanna buy a dagon scale, QL doesn't matter so much, can always imp it at a impalong. No too high price.
  6. Hillstreet changed name to Falun. And I made new deed beside it, I will look later
  7. Nope. Tried before and said it couldn't use it.
  8. Please can you add bardings to unicorn, I think leather bardings on unicorn would looks so nice!
  9. Nothing of this works... I tried changes dns I edited hosts file, i turned of firewall, added ip in firewall, It worked few time but when i restarted the client i am back at square 0 again...
  10. As the title says, I get that error when trying to start the game.
  11. As the tittle says, I cant login in due to this problem. Anyone have a solution to this?
  12. I need help, I have spellmod and when i have allowallspells on true i odnt get the option to cast all gods spells on that faith level i have. What is wrong? I also have spellcraft but that disabled atm.