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  1. [RELEASED] Non-combat Pets Mod (Server)

    Did you do wrong command? #dropeggs <rarity> <amount´╗┐>
  2. I changed my map due to corrupted dbs, and asked my host to move all players to the new map. All players got move with their skills, but all items in their inventory was gone... So gave them GM power so they could make their stuff back to it was before.
  3. Can anyone help me to find the issue the makes my server crash and restart? The supprt said its a mod but cant find which mod.. Server Log
  4. [RELEASED] Non-combat Pets Mod (Server)

    Ah nvm. BEfore one someone tried to open an egg they server crashed.
  5. [RELEASED] Non-combat Pets Mod (Server)

    Will you update this mod?
  6. As the title says. My server keeps restarting every now and then.. Its weird... Here is the log if it helps: Server Log
  7. Close pls!

    We just discovered that we seems that we are unable to open any large magic chest.. I have tried to spawn a new one but same issue there... Anyone can say what is wrong?
  8. Server wont start help

    OH np.. Seems my server is up now. No idea how lol
  9. Server wont start help

    Not what i know. I had a webhost with webmail, but that should affect the server.. Is it a setting in the panel to change it?
  10. Server wont start help

    Here is my log: https://pastebin.com/kVt4fKct
  11. Sindusk Server Mods

    I removed the armoury mod but getting this ... https://pastebin.com/dRt4eMxk
  12. Custom Chat Channel Creation

    Make sure you haven't missed a any symbole or somthing. If you miss and '"' or somthing the scripts wont run.
  13. Sindusk Server Mods

    Is this updated?
  14. When will drakes be updated?
  15. Custom Chat Channel Creation

    Did you try to restart the server? Should help to restart it, so the scripts gets loaded.