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  1. very bright pink, and called it Betty.....
  2. I think you guys know this game. You write a small few lines me of a story each. And it can be very funny at the end! I can start it: There was a boy who.......
  3. Hey i will pop in and ask: How does regalia items looks like? *pops out*
  4. Done, thanks for leting us know
  5. comic relief

    "We can finally take over building thats is abounded!"
  6. Can you rename the "original" gods?
  7. A quite hard map. couse almost on mark level is near water level as well. So hard to make a mine and etc
  8. Exactly
  9. How do i get the looks to change in my WU server?
  10. Good luck with ask them. I playing there, and they wont share theirs mods. Almost all theirs mods have they made by theirsselfs.
  11. I think this is the stattuet. Anyway when i put "miraak" same as Mag, it worked with mags.
  12. Is it possible to add gods for BL?
  13. This one have a water rig that allows you to mine stone under water:
  14. server

    Thats good to know
  15. Added thanks for the note