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  1. [RELEASED] Creatures Mod

    Okay i found the issue! You cant have normal mapping if you have this mod on. I turned it off and the cow become normal again.
  2. [RELEASED] Non-combat Pets Mod (Server)

    YOu can disable the gravestones so the pets still work. Just set gravestones to 0 so it is diabled.
  3. [RELEASED] Creatures Mod

    [21:35:38] Creaturemod version: v2.4-b2c68e4 Ye seems i have it.. .. I have extra files in my mods that adds the textures, casue it seems that we dont get the textures... Might be them that is wrong with..
  4. I will miss her, she was in our ally in Xana ;(
  5. [RELEASED] Creatures Mod

    Didn't worked. IS there a new version of the mod?
  6. [RELEASED] Creatures Mod

    I can try to update it
  7. [RELEASED] Non-combat Pets Mod (Server)

    It worked using the websie! Thanks
  8. [RELEASED] Non-combat Pets Mod (Server)

    I added it and restarted but gets same event messege still..
  9. [RELEASED] Non-combat Pets Mod (Server)

    Need help: So I added this to pets: And when i changed the leash aux to 104 i and tried to summon it i got this: [21:32:35] Something went wrong and your pet could not be summoned. Try again later or contact staff. What is wrong??
  10. [RELEASED] Creatures Mod

    How to fix this?
  11. House Of The Rising Sun (231,1200)
  12. [RELEASED] Non-combat Pets Mod (Server)

    Did you do wrong command? #dropeggs <rarity> <amount´╗┐>
  13. I changed my map due to corrupted dbs, and asked my host to move all players to the new map. All players got move with their skills, but all items in their inventory was gone... So gave them GM power so they could make their stuff back to it was before.
  14. Can anyone help me to find the issue the makes my server crash and restart? The supprt said its a mod but cant find which mod.. Server Log
  15. [RELEASED] Non-combat Pets Mod (Server)

    Ah nvm. BEfore one someone tried to open an egg they server crashed.