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  1. Psst could i have the mod too pls
  2. I wanna buy a green drake hide set with cap for 85s! By CoD... OBS: Cant buy this month, so hold it too next month if you can..
  3. Late but.. Still any left and for what price?
  4. Ah okay good to know
  5. Anyway to changemodel on few players at same time?
  6. I just did it wrong way ^^
  7. Ah ye. Thanks.
  8. It is fixed now! And no idea what it was lol just save it on Mod Manager page on the host site..
  9. Hey How do you pave so the roadstar bigger and goes smaller? Like this? LIKE THIS?
  10. Hey! So i tested to install cave fix on the server but i got this: Can say how to fix this? I treid restore world too but dont helped..
  11. Heyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaa Anyway to change the qoutes in loading screen?
  12. The devils number Oh nice
  13. I trying to make apumpkin spawn sleep powder when examine, but cant see it in the rewards list in mission ruler....