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  1. Yes, and i miss pintos..
  2. Anyway to get pandas to spawn?
  3. Also need serverpack mod for client
  4. Can you add so you can choose what mobs can spawn? and maybe make them easier to kill?
  5. Soo this seems to be a server error or steam. But anyone know how to fix "Retrying Steam authentication." I works when you restart the server but occur once again after a while...
  6. But i can create vagoner contract with My wand
  7. When you enable it its drops down options
  8. Will this be updated for 1.6?
  9. When will this be fixed so they work with other mods?
  10. Yes,
  11. Hey i get this log from customnpc:
  12. I cant login to a server. It says "Retrying Steam authentication." Here is my log:
  13. A funny thought, can you connect your local server to your rented server?