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  1. [RELEASED] Creatures Mod

    Ah just saw the images long ago but guess they didn't got added.
  2. [RELEASED] Creatures Mod

    How do you make the panda rugs? Cant do it with salt.
  3. [RELEASED] Creatures Mod

    Huskies and dalmation is the traits. Also need serverpacks in client to show. Dalmation is piebaldPinto and husky is bloodbay.
  4. CM GM Sorted #Commands List

    Cant get this command to work anymore.
  5. Jokes and fact command

    So she could say hello from the side lol
  6. Jokes and fact command

    Would be nice if someone could make a mod that sends out a joke or a small funny fact in to GL chat. Like "Server: Why did adele cross the road?" etc. Also its have a cooldown so the chat dont get spammed
  7. Hey If I move my token with my wand will that mess up the deed?
  8. Hey So i am afraid i have to wipe and start my server from scratch. So i wonder, is it possibile to move the player database to the new server from the old one?
  9. Arnor (2048x2048)

    Link dont work.
  10. Riverland 2048x

    A bit too thin dirt layer..
  11. The Adventurer's [4096]

    Now this is pod racing!
  12. No, hes deed is still there but faaar away from the places there the crates appeared
  13. I dont know when it started throu.
  14. OH anyway to fix that?