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  1. Good day, Trading Green tome for other tome. PM me offers.
  2. Hello, Please CoD Blazer Steppe > Tar liquid Thank you in advance!
  3. can we just revert everything to 2013 and remove meditating no tomes no playermade gods server reset would be nice too also put some kind of limitation on how many deeds a kingdom can have based on influence
  4. 10k BT sickle to Blazer please, Thank you
  5. Good afternoon, Could you please send QL ~77 Short Bow, Willow C76 N70 (85c) to Blazer? Thank you
  6. Interested in smoke from sol, blood of angels. Thanks
  7. Will try to attend, thank you!
  8. I will try to make it, thanks.
  9. I'll probably come. thanks!