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  1. OK, sent to xcaliber - should arrive in less than 10 minutes.
  2. Minimum deed size deed (11 x 11) with trader - close to Underworld. (32x, 10y) Upkeep: 1s 25s Reply here or PM sorrow if interested.
  3. Star Emerald 28ql 3.5s Buyer pays COD or pick up from Independence @ 36x 20y
  4. What's happening? Are you going to send it or was it withdrawn from auction ?
  5. I'll offer 1s to get it started...
  6. Selling 5000 bricks and 5000 mortar (All 50ql +) Mortar 2.5s/1000 Bricks 2.0s/1000 Or 20s if you buy it all I am based at North Inner Sea, can deliver anywhere coastal on inner sea. PM me for other locations, to work something out
  7. OK, sent - should arrive in less than 10 minutes....
  8. Selling 31 sleep powders: 1 sleep powder 1.4s 5 sleep powder 7s 10 sleep powder 13s 25 sleep powder 30s All 31 for 37s Location: Pest Harbour (North Inner Sea), Independence Reply here or PM Sorrow in game
  9. 1 x 30ql Seryll plate gauntlet 2.5s Location: North Inner Sea, Independence