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  1. Normaly it should work in the opposite direction: When you fight a weakling you have more options then when you fight a champ creature. Whern you fight a champ troll you lose nearly all abilitys to aim. Just left and right is possible with 70 fs.
  2. I'Am using a 8400 gs (512MB Version) with a cooling block. At full throttle it produce 63 ° C: heat on the GPU. Pretty cool..... My old 7600 gs with fan allways was at 70 ° while wurming. Amount of frames is of course higher with the 8000 series card but without a fan the pc is silent i only hear the harddrive.
  3. Today i moved to one of my merchants and added and removed stuff. But his counter still is at 7 days....... No counter reset anymore ?
  4. I'am not interersted how much you smoke. But that weed should stop smoking that stuff
  5. Someone of you know Runescape ? They have thge huge markethall for trade between all the peoples and servers of the game that easiely allow every player to buy and sell stuff up to 6 different trades active (for prem users) at the same time.
  6. I would say Pushing/PUlling people allways was/is exploitable i also would disable that feature until it is fixed or removed competely.(noone realy need that it is useless)
  7. I started anew account this week so iwas a few hours on GV and also made a fight there .vs a angry deer and it was typical noob + noob gear = vs weak animal. Afterwards i gone to freedom and fought more deers and still had seen a nearby result. So i say no there is no differents in the difficulty of Noob vs. weak critters fights.
  8. I would say the wiki need a choosen team .Lets say from players that play for 1+ year and not editable for everyone. To much there is written and edited by people that maybe play for 4 month and then quit.Come back later with a huge inactivity afterwards and start to edit pages . Of course wurm have changed by the time so his/her wurmknowledge is outdated. It also contains to much rumours and half known facts and guesses, "third hand" informations (you heard from a friend that have a wurm friend that is good at smihting that said that birch burn longer in forges.To give an exemple).
  9. When i started wurm (Oct. 2006) we had crashes and rollbacks 2-3 times a week.I remeber to often login with 5 hours sleep bonus and my job of the past hours was undone. Well wurms combat system really is strange. It is (basically): Go to the enemy click attack .Make some nice combat dance and walk away as winner or die.Nothing especially you can do while fighitng...Its like watching a fight on tv. I would like to have more control in the fight but please no "Wurm Tekken". Alot of changes where made ..We got new items new feature and alot of new skills some better graphics and a more or less stable (lol) client. ALot of of that features where made to make the Longtime comunity happy because there was new stuff to learn and more skills to grind.On the other hand that rised the difficulty to start with wurm.Much more to learn now how to play wurm. I personally like games that are made pure and simple and are as complex as the user play it. Pure and simple = NO need to read 20-30 pages just to create a stool.That isn'z so hard to make in wurm.THe wiki just need some "facelifting" i had seen plenty paged with much to much text.That just scare the newbies away. AN other problem wurm have is to much accounts that are used by multiple persons and account selling. When you allow account sharing you get alot of accounts that never die.An account should go inactive when the owner quit/make a break.So the newcomers must make new accounts .That makes it alot easier to balance the game.
  10. Like saltet/smoked ham. And sea/ship biscuits. All this fill you up but of course with bad effects to your nutrition. How about dryed fruits ? I remeber from history lessons that they used that alot on the ships at the end of the middle ages to fight the Scurvy.
  11. Emh .....>You guys ever tryed to bash a tall stone wall of suberb ql with a maul ? 4-5 People need 40 min to bash that. In 40 min you have more then enough time to altert your town mates. And 1-2 defenders are enough (one make shards the other the bricks then repair) so you can't bring it down to 100 damage. With catapults it is more easy but even then you need supprters that mine and make the cata and transport the ammo .So you also have enough time to altert the guys. Noone attack a defended town.... So ones you bring some people online to defend the attackers mostly retreat.
  12. I agree with conditions : You must be able to ban and make invite only channels that allow to control who is listening.
  13. Iagree to this . This'll solve some problems but also create new ones. Lets think about the wildserver and boast stealing. Without the write you can't acess them.So the ex-Owner still can harm the new boat owner with new bad settings for him.
  14. I had a funny idea: How about that you need a champ to drain a town ?
  15. I don't think that java will be able to produce graphics like on your picture within the next 5-7 years. Java use to much recources to get a playable game on up to date hardware.