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  1. Hiya, thanks for that. I've had my eye on the market for a little while now but what I'm after is a bit odd I guess really, an account popped up for sale then disappeared quite quickly that didn't have much more than 90+ blacksmithing, that kind of specializing in a skill is what I'm looking for. Figured I'd post just incase someone had something laying around they were considering selling. If you know of anyone with something like that, please ask for me!
  2. Looking to buy an account that specializes in a skill or two, please PM me your offers and we can negotiate, not looking for elite accounts thank you.
  3. New goals to strive for and with this increased cap I'm imagining increased ql cap too. My thoughts were that faster skill gain at lower levels will help new players feel like they're actually getting somewhere, while medium ish level players can catchup to the long term vets. There's a bunch of powerhouse accounts that have been grinded on by players gone by, then sold to whoever has the money (pay2win) a new skillcap will level the field once more and people will have to grind if they want their accounts to be top notch again, rather than just buying their way. Like I said, just spitballing ideas and you're more than welcome. I think we all know something needs to be done but what will work?
  4. Let's say wurm needs funds for decent advertising, which seems to be the case, how can they get them? Seems people think the game is expensive as is. A well run campaign around the introduction of a new cluster could very well bring in a bunch of new players. Will a lower population on the current cluster eventually cause those that stayed to quit? It's kind of comparable to rs3/osrs but way smaller numbers, osrs definitely worked though.. Edit: what if you could "pre order" your new account on this cluster, buy x amounts of prem time, new acc names are available so you'd get in early, pre order aesthetic bonuses etc, raise funds for advertising but the new cluster will have to strictly stay seperate.
  5. I agree with the lack of advertisement, I remember there were ads on the mmorpg site awhile ago, I believe that worked for a little while at least? I don't think there's much room for the community to create content, I doubt RS3/OSRS would have had much success remaining popular if it weren't for their more visually interesting pvp/pve content. Would this game actually be more newbie friendly if it were 3rd person? Too late for that now likely, but an interesting thought. It really is an unknown game but it's something I think a lot of people are looking for, it's the ultimate sandbox really. Maybe it would benefit from having someone plug it on the mmorpg reddit every so often. A new cluster would definitely drive a bunch of players back and solve those issues temporarily for sure, then I guess we're just dividing what playerbase is left and praying those who came back stick around otherwise it could be a death sentence. It would mean a decent influx of funds to the game though.. I think I personally would really enjoy it. A brand new pve cluster, interesting thought for sure.
  6. Hell, I'm looking at buying an account when one comes up but that's why I suggested faster leveling, being able to get your account to an acceptable level faster may alleviate a lot of that necessity. Maybe. Pros, cons?
  7. Hey guys, I've played Wurm sparingly for a number of years, however usually end up losing interest/life gets in the way. I've always loved the game and I'm keen to get back into it again properly just as a casual. I never understood why the game isn't more popular and these days it seems it's well and truly in decline, lots of high end accounts for sale and economy kind of ruined. I'm almost scared to get invested into the game if I'm just going to end up on a server essentially by myself. Some of my best memories in this game were having neighbours and new deeds being started not far from me where I could help out/receive help, that almost seems like a thing of the past now. Is it the steep learning curve that people shy away from this game after a few hours? How grindy the game is? Can there be anything done to fix it? In any mmorpg I've played there's never a true end to the game, perhaps that's what this lacks. Does there need to be a new skillcap? 80% increase to experience gained 1-70, 40% 70-100 and a new 120~ cap? Veterans will hate it, understandably so but this will help new players and I believe in the long run help the economy. I know there was a discussion about stopping people from rwting accounts, does that need to be done? If an account is found to have been sold, should it outright be banned? Might reduce the population even more so short term and make a lot of people angry. I don't know, just spitballing. These sorts of threads probably get brought up once a week, just wanted to share my thoughts anyway. Thanks.
  8. Bought some awesome equipment from Alyeska, incredibly helpful and travelled all the way from indy to cele for me! Would recommend for sure. Thanks again!
  9. I could never comprehend why some of my friends would play minecraft and tell me how good of a sandbox game it was.. There is a lot of work to be done on Wurm, instant gratification isn't what you'll find here, however the long term reward and community are amazing. Totally worth sticking out the rough start, finding a village even to help you get into the game (many villages realize people will want to leave and go on their own, they just give you a helpful kickstart) then work out what you'd like to do on your own. Big ol' farm with horse stables and all.. So many things to do.. Good luck!
  10. I think 1ql would be pretty pointless to have due to what Protunia said, but.. how about something like a crude transmutation rod for 10s or so and it gives you a random ql.. bit of a gamble but worth it thoughts?
  11. Agree 100% lol, that looks awesome. And nice work Pyp!
  12. I've seen pictures of that deed before in the wild recruitment section, looks like a medieval castle ;D @wolf, yeah I thought I'd get some sceptical responces from some, but I know for a fact there's alot of awesome looking large wild deeds, HoM, HK, capsalot, etc that wouldn't care about having a screenie of their deed from a distance up. Also! post pictures of any old deeds you have, I enjoyed looking at the Kyara ones.
  13. Well that's just silly, -1
  14. Great service, got onto my order asap. Thanks Prezes! ;D
  15. Bought a horsie from Silvir, very good deal and he was very flexible with delivery! ;D Recommended!