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  1. +1 I can see a lot of circumstances where this would be valuable.
  2. Why not just replace the "bulk storage bin" with a loadable "bulk crate?" For items that are bought and sold in large numbers, that should get the job done as most of them will fit into BSBs in the appropriate quantities.
  3. If the only secure space I have available is my house, how in the world could I secure a bunch of charcoal piles? Besides any other issue, being able to perimeter over someone else's undeeded house is a problem. Unless moderators will take action against people who do that, I can't see building a house without a deed.
  4. We don't need the enclosure rule back as it was per se. I like the idea of a small free deed of 25 tiles. I'd just like to have something to come back to besides a pancake if I quit the game for a few months.
  5. Since the enclosure rules were removed, it's essentially "deed it or lose it" on Freedom Isles. This is an absolutely horrible policy and makes the game less attractive. The game already costs money to play with full features. Why should I have to pay more to protect my things in a PVE server? I think enclosures should be protected again. The enclosure rule had a measure against inactive players already. (If a fence decays, it's no longer an enclosure and people can do whatever to it.) I was considering buying premium time, but since I found out the enclosure rule had been removed, I'm hesitant. This may tip the balance in favor of me going back to Minecraft or RuneScape rather than continuing to play Wurm, which is expensive with only subscription fees.
  6. I'm also having the direct buffer memory crash. I'm on a Mac, though.
  7. I'm also running on a Mac (with Lion), and I have the same issue. Tiles frequently flash back and forth between their own texture and the texture of an adjacent tile. I don't have reflections on.
  8. Try disabling VBO support and pbuffer. I did that, and I still crash sometimes (mainly while moving), but the problem is less severe.
  9. It was on Core before, and that is apparently why my frame rate was so low. Set on disabled, Wurm runs fine. Please note that I'm running on a Mac, which may have compatibility issues. Try disabling GLSL shader support. What operating system are you running on?
  10. I disabled GSGL shader support and that restored my frame rate to about what it was before the update. I hope this helps anyone else with similar issues. Thanks, Wollschaf!
  11. My computer: two-year-old Macbook Pro CPU: 2.3 GHz Intel Core i5 RAM: 4GB 1333MHz DDR3 Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 3000 384 MB Not a bad machine; it runs all other games with decent settings. Before the 1.1 update, my computer ran Wurm Online fairly well, with moderate graphics settings and something like 20-30 fps. Since the 1.1 update, which was supposedly going to increase performance, my FPS has dropped to about 4. I have lowered all graphics/advanced graphics settings to their minimum, and even disabled VBO support and pbuffer, but this only gave me another 1-2 FPS, which is still unplayable, even putting aside that the world looks beyond hideous. I have already seen the thread about "optimal settings" on an older machine, and even tried the settings recommended there, but that didn't help either, so please don't spam me with links to it. It will NOT help me, thank you. As everyone else I spoke to in-game has had increased performance since the update, and since they were using Windows, I surmise that this is a compatibility glitch with Apple's Java release.