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  1. I wouldn't call it deceiving, it's more of a bad choice to call it free. Creating several thousands of planks/bricks in your first days is an awful gameplay cycle. Same for foraging, It all takes ages with -20 skill. So yes, this is all possible but you don't go tell a new player to go do this 1 task for 10-20 hours (wild guess), it's normal that many free players quit when getting told to do this. Just call it a trial, it's pretty exactly that. But yeah, I agree, this game is cheap when you compare it to other mmo's.
  2. Yes but in all those games if you don't like it you can just log out to the character selection screen, delete your character and start over again elsewhere on another server. Can't do that in wurm without creating a new account, or you get told in CA to build a rowboat
  3. It is true, you don't lose em, you just have to relog once you resub and you get them all back. You do get the 3x gain when you transfer from epic to freedom or the other way around I guess, and when you die and lose skill that way.
  4. They should stop advertising the game as free to play and just call it a free trial. And I wouldn't mind the skill limit of the free trial to be 30 for all skills, just so they can try out more things before they start to pay the subscription. To lure them in a little more.
  5. Leave it as it is and just cast the darn spell when it triggers Ask in freedom chat who wants to join, then teleport em in and cast
  6. People who macro often aren't players who've been around for many years, they're mostly less experienced players who find the game being to slow or whatever. The people that I know got banned didn't knew about fatigue or they thought they had programmed it so smartly that it looked like a real player, also not taking notice of how the fatigue system works. They're just players who know how to program and don't have the patience to play this game. So, the system works. But I don't know why this is a hard lockout and not a silent system. Ain't Rolf around anymore to tell us about the design behind this? All I can think of is that he and/or Notch found 8 hours plenty, and they wanted to automate it because they didn't have the time to go kick people manually due to it being a small game?
  7. Most people never get to see that message. And I say, keep it in, it stops and detects macro users. I've had several people I know banned because of it and afterwards they did mention to me that they were using macro's to speed things up.
  8. also in local, great idea!
  9. Wasn't this been added years ago on Epic? I'm not sure that this is a new thing. There was an issue and they fixed it this way. And how would the game know which animal to keep and which other 3 to leave behind? I can imagine it being very annoying when breeding animals but I don't really see a way around it.
  10. Yes, the game already provides too much information at once, let's try to not do that again with the new tutorial (if there ever comes another one). Let's try to get the people who don't enjoy the walls of text in, the people who don't mind it are already in, that's us. And once those new players figure out the basics and get it they'll stick around. We know that this is a game that requires a lot of reading but let's ease them in. The journal is just another window, it's great but it's lacking immersion, use NPC's, everyone knows NPC's all other MMO's got em, we're used to them. And asking whether someone has played before is different from adding a skip tutorial button. Same function, different approach. In my opinion there is no MMO more different from all the rest than this one, maybe EVE but they've got a storyline tutorial. Our character controller ain't the standard one, we use the right mouse menu for everything that hasn't to do with movement. The game difficulty goes from hard to easy instead of the other way around. You can use popups to highlight stuff, but they're not very useful for explaining things.
  11. Popups aren't all the great, they break immersion and often provide too much information which none reads. Clicking them away is what many players do as fast as they can when they seem em pop up. I'm personally more for a handholdy questline with NPC's, teach em the things where Wurm is different from other games, give em a few rewards, or reward em by giving them the starter tools they need for the action they're going to preform. I don't think there should be an option to skip this for new players, the game is just too different from pretty much everything else. However you can ask a new account whether they've played the game before and don't offer the tutorial when they've done so.
  12. The tutorial might be the most worked on part of Wurm now, this would be nr4 or 5? But yeah, it's better than it ever has been but it's still not there just yet. Add NPC's and a short story to push people into the right direction might be the way to go.
  13. WASD is fine, who would ever complain about that? I'm talking about the way we control the camera, And I can't think of any other game that does it like wurm does. The camera is standard controlled with the right mouse button as far as i know. And right mouse menu's are not from this time, I myself hardly ever use them any more because we've got new ways to control the game now. Also I'm not asking to get rid of the current way of controlling the game, I know that many people prefer this way because they got used to it. I would probably also stick with the system we have right now because I've been using it for 10 years and i'm fine with it. The game confuses new players, they don't stick around and we could use some. The sandbox mmo genre is pretty popular atm, and quite a few other sandbox games with slow gameplay don't seem to have quite the retention problem Wurm has. Another thing, in the tutorial you can ask the player to move the camera with the mouse, if they press the left mouse button they get put on the system we have now, if they press the right mouse button they get their controls changed that way.
  14. What we can see on steam is that a lot of the players that try out the game don't even get past the tutorial and often in the negative reviews I then see it mentioned that they can't figure our the movement controls or that they are just to weird to get used to. So, my idea: Create a second controls template which gets set as the standard template for newer player. Changes for the second template: Get rid of the right click menu's as they (I think) all can be reached through other UI elements. And then use the right mouse button instead to look around, like pretty much all other first/third person games do. That's all you need to change to get rid of 1 of the 2 biggest complaints new players have, the other one being the game graphics looking bad(which they don't!)
  15. We'd be able to craft our own Easter bunny ear hats! +1 But yeah, more easy to kill mobs would be nice, a nice starter mob for newer players.
  16. They tried it with cows before, it was a bit too much. I like the idea but it would require some coding work to not make it overwhelming.
  17. They're doing a lot more, this is just the monthly skin tread and they added a tapestry because of the restoration.
  18. Do the players in the north have an economy with a lot of 90+ skill traders? if so, sure. Else, it would only damage their economy, the competition wouldn't be fair.
  19. Why? Just go and get it, why automate it? I can't really think of a reason besides "I got summoned back to my deed by a priest and I want my horse to come with me"
  20. I like the ambient sound that comes with the march tiles so I'd like to be able to create em as well.
  21. [13:26:09] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to reach Jasononovi in less than ten minutes. Thank you
  22. Alright, sounds great Adding the rendered walls to the crafting window could work as well. I'll just hold back on smashing all my stone items for now
  23. I just got ingame, grabbed myself some clay to start rendering my well and mailbox as you do with everything that was able to be rendered before. The option didn't show up, tried it on everything I have on my deed, no option for it. Why did this get added to the crafting menu when that's not how rendering works in this game?