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  1. Closed

    90ql hammer coc 80-89 and can you do some 80-90 coc water and 80-90coc iron lump, ql on the lump doesnt matter to me as im just going to combine it with my own cod morbiddog
  2. I live on cele and im looking for a plate smith to bring my set from 50ql to 70ql no enchants on it and a weapon smith to bring my 50ql 4 enchant sword to 70-80ql. Im paying well so pm me and well discuss prices, or get a hold of me ingame. Willing to travel.
  3. Edited first post to be more specific
  4. Im looking to buy a mag priest and a vyn priest as the title says looking to spend 75-125 dollars each. Of course im willing to go higher if the character really deserves it but id prefer to stay in that range. what im looking for is some priests that have enough bc to at least ride a horse 22 mind logic if possible but im not too concerned about it, preferably one with a high enough soul/channeling that it will be a pretty reliable caster from the get go 70+ faith is a must as far as auxiliary skills go im not too concerned what they are as i plan on using these chars for enchants/bulk side work. Thanks!
  5. Closed

    ill give you 50e for it on the spot
  6. ill give you 75e for it right now
  7. Lol you think I'm a new player. Been playing since beta and I'm a keeper of the faith. But i was asking about the mass production stuff glad to hear it has been implemented. The not loosing things on failure also sounds very nice. Ill talk to my budy and see if he wants to join back up. Thanks for the response guys.
  8. Me and a buddy of mine would really like to come back to wurm but were kind of waiting for the action timers to be lowered. Does anyone know when this will go live?