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  1. Wouldn't we need to give him more "sleep powder" so he doesn't need to sleep?
  2. It's been much better tonight. Maybe a little bit but that could as easily be network lag. edit: had a couple pretty bad lag spikes while dropping a bunch of dirt on the ground for terraforming. Might have just been a coincidence but it shows up at 8 on your MRTG graph
  3. Still pretty nasty today. Could the old lag spikes be related to the JVM garbage collector running periodically? I know there's a fair amount of tuning that can be done to reduce lag spikes caused by it if that's the case.
  4. COD me left and right stylish shoulders, supreme chisel, supreme knapsack, rare sickle, rare rake, rare saw and the rare hatchet. TY!
  5. TY! Can you throw in the supreme carving knife* for 15s more?
  6. 15s for the w93c92 shovel , the pick and the w101 c100 chisel? Cod morbiddog
  7. sold!

    Bought 1g, promptly delivered and well priced. Thanks!
  8. 2S for supreme hammer? COD to morbiddog
  9. Closed

    90ql hammer coc 80-89 and can you do some 80-90 coc water and 80-90coc iron lump, ql on the lump doesnt matter to me as im just going to combine it with my own cod morbiddog
  10. I live on cele and im looking for a plate smith to bring my set from 50ql to 70ql no enchants on it and a weapon smith to bring my 50ql 4 enchant sword to 70-80ql. Im paying well so pm me and well discuss prices, or get a hold of me ingame. Willing to travel.