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  1. My vote goes toward Open as default when mounted. If I'm mounted chances are I'm on my cart, I open it far more than disembark it. Also checking if an action can be done for the repeat button would be nice. It's not great to see R: Drink(repeat) on every tile after drinking once. Repeat seems to be a bit wonky on walls as well, you don't get a repeat action on most walls you continue, continuing a second story wall from the ground is a guaranteed way to run into the problem. And last double clicking to target has caused more annoyance for me than not. If you have hellies attached to a cart or your bread any kind of agro. mob anytime you double click them to get info you target them. I slap my poor hellies with my axe enough without assistance. They rarely make it Other then that I think it's fantastic, I've been here since beta and this GUI has damn near everything I've ever felt I wanted in the wurm GUI. Damn fine job. Edit: Oh, an option to go back to the old font would be nice as well. I find it more legible, the smoothing on the current font makes me feel like I have to squint.
  2. I can drop large quantities of dirt for terraforming without ANY server lag now. This is great! Much appreciation to you Keenan for your tireless efforts.
  3. Wouldn't we need to give him more "sleep powder" so he doesn't need to sleep?
  4. It's been much better tonight. Maybe a little bit but that could as easily be network lag. edit: had a couple pretty bad lag spikes while dropping a bunch of dirt on the ground for terraforming. Might have just been a coincidence but it shows up at 8 on your MRTG graph
  5. Still pretty nasty today. Could the old lag spikes be related to the JVM garbage collector running periodically? I know there's a fair amount of tuning that can be done to reduce lag spikes caused by it if that's the case.
  6. COD me left and right stylish shoulders, supreme chisel, supreme knapsack, rare sickle, rare rake, rare saw and the rare hatchet. TY!
  7. TY! Can you throw in the supreme carving knife* for 15s more?
  8. 15s for the w93c92 shovel , the pick and the w101 c100 chisel? Cod morbiddog
  9. Bought 1g, promptly delivered and well priced. Thanks!
  10. 2S for supreme hammer? COD to morbiddog