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  1. Are all of those your deeds, or provided by allies who want to be added to the Community Map? Unless rules have changed since the last time I was active, it's opt-in by the deed owner, and they have the right to not be on the map unless explicitly requested. Previous map managers have refused to add lists of deeds like this.
  2. Corrected coordinates for the highway that goes from J14 (Azure Dreams) to J17 (the bridge just SW of Sonata) : [1516,1670] [1734,1670] [1754,1650] [1828, 1650] [1834,1644] [1891,1644] [1954,1707] [1954,1750] [2015,1752] [2047,1782] [2072,1782] If there is the ability to add a name to a highway, this highway is named Coastal Catwalk (as proposed by me, and agreed to by members of Northern Lights, a loosely-affiliated Alliance of Settlements along the highway's path). Thanks so much for your hard work, solmark, and sorry to hear about your hospital visit!
  3. Good evening! The Deed of Saint Orchidea [1923, 1725] disbanded some time ago, and aside from a sign marking its former location, has completely reverted back to nature. I'll be posting an updated Highway for the Coastal Catwalk (from Azure Dreams to Sonata) later, once I've gotten the correct coordinates on it. The old one is a wee bit off in the perfectly-accurate map. In the mean time, though, please remove the "Tunnel" showing at [[1538, 1631], [1538,1694]], because it's a canal and is adequately represented on the map without a line.
  4. For the purposes of avoiding too much conflict on this, I ask once again: What purpose or benefit does my having an Affinity in Mind give? Or other people with Affinities in Body or Soul? I've asked multiple times on CA HELP, and was always told, by both CA and normal players, that they do nothing, their skill scores are functionally meaningless. Is this correct, or is there some benefit to having my Mind skill go up 10% faster?
  5. There's a certain number of skills that are flat-out useless - they do nothing, affect nothing, and are basically just placeholders. No, I'm not talking about Puppeteering or Yoyo. I mean specifically Body, Mind, and Soul. I've been told by people multiple times that these main Characteristics don't actually do anything, they're just a measurement for the subskills like Body Strength and Mind Logic. So if these aren't ever in use, don't ever actually do anything - aren't beneficial to any skill usage or skill gain- then why can we have Affinities for them? I have an Affinity for Mind. If it affected my Mind Logic gain speed even a little, I wouldn't be upset about it. But it doesn't. It doesn't do anything. So that's a completely wasted Affinity gain. Thankfully (for me at least), that was just a random gain, not a purchased Affinity. If I'd spent anything to buy an Affinity and got that, I'd be pretty mad. Can we fix this, please? Prevent the main skills that don't have any utility from ever getting an Affinity? And perhaps give rerolls to people who got them?
  6. horses stolen.

    I disagree with your definitions here. They were stolen; they had an owner. But they were not adequately protected, so this isn't something that GMs can/will do anything about.
  7. @YagaThanks, looks great now.
  8. This is what I see on the map: As far as the bridges under tunnels and canals - if I turn off Deeds and Highways, this is how my canal and bridge look:
  9. Missing two segments on the Highway, and it's probably my fault for breaking it up into 5s. [1800,1630] to [1835,1630] and [2040,1760] to [2040,1780] Edit: And I notice that Bridges are showing up under tunnels/canals. Shouldn't they be above?
  10. Okay, here we go. First and foremost, personal POI: Our canal is nearly ready (another day or two to get the whole thing down to -6). Coordinates are [1538,1694], [1538,1631]. We have a guard tower at [1542,1662]. And then, the highway known as Coastal Catwalk. Split up in groups of five for easier reading. (Edit: If you have to attach the name to a specific section of highway, put it on the first one, just East of Azure Dreams) [1510,1665], [1720,1665], [1745,1640], [1790,1640], [1800,1630], [1835,1630], [1910,1705], [1910,1730], [2010,1730], [2040,1760], [2040,1780], [2070,1780] And last but not least, there is a small bridge at [2071,1777], [2071,1772] to allow for water passage into a boat tunnel going Westward that is nearly complete; that's not my project, so I'll leave it to the engineer of that project to offer information on that. Edit: If it matters, there's a small bridge at [1535,1665], [1540,1665] across the canal. It's part of the Coastal Catwalk line, so I don't know if it really matters.
  11. Agreed. Thank you for your service on this, Nordlys, and thank you, Gawain, for picking it up and carrying it forward. I'll have coordinates for the Coastal Catwalk highway soon.
  12. The answer is simple: When someone hits a title unlock skill level, give them all versions of the title that exist, and let them use them (or not) as they see fit. If someone wants to use it to be, say, "Amazon Knight," who cares? More options = better. One person's preferences cannot, and should not, force everyone to conform to that person's preferences and ideals.
  13. I want to input a Highway to one of the maps, but trying to make estimates and approximations is driving me buggy. Do the Yaga coordinates have a 1:1 relation with actual ground tiles on the map? Or some other reliable ratio?
  14. With the intent of adding a bridge to the Sonata to Port Crescendo Highway (not far south from Sonata), the Highway has been broken and rerouted, temporarily using the (very ugly) path around the pond West of Sonata. This is being done for the purpose of giving adequate passage for ships, as a small group of intrepid tunnelers are hard at work, digging a full-depth boat tunnel. This will be an inconvenience for several days, partly depending on GM permission (and build privs) for the bridge in question. Ideally, we hope to be done by the end of this weekend. I'm not behind the tunnel, but I have been contracted to reroute the Highway and prepare to build the bridge (once we have GM permission and build privs within the Sonata Perimeter). The rerouting and prep work for the bridge is already done; once the bridge is completed, we will reconnect the straight stretch of Highway across the bridge, and remove the Highway curve around the pond.
  15. I meant that my assumption was that the restriction was added to the game as a whole because of some concerns (real or imagined) in PvP. For much of Wurm's history, the main focus on game development was trying to make the PvP both balanced and appealing, and the majority of things like this were done with the idea of how people might use (and particularly might abuse) these in PvP. Things were done with PvP in mind, and also spilled over to the PvE side of things; changes were primarily made for PvE when PvP changes screwed something up in PvE. But this is all just supposition and conjecture on my part.
  16. After some discussion with Topedeciffo, I've been "hired" to help make the Coastal Catwalk's approach to Sonata a little less crazy... in order to help bring a Boat Tunnel to the large lake West of Sonata into existence. Coastal Catwalk will be rerouted to the south around the pond just West of Sonata, instead of North, and then making a bridge Northward of where it comes in to connect to the Sonata-Encore highway.
  17. Bravada, can you please stop posting coordinates of Deeds that are not your own? People post, or don't, for their own reasons. If you think someone's Deed should be on the map, encourage them to come over and post it. Some of them will, some won't. But just spamming a long list of deeds, both in text and in pictures, is not really helping anyone good.
  18. Spoilering the Highway, because we're doing some improvements to one end of it. I'll submit updated coords once the improvement is done, which might be a week or two. I would like to suggest the name of Capital Cruise for the Sonata-to-Encore Highway.
  19. He's not asking that it be required, just that it be possible.
  20. Azure Dreams' monthly cost is a little over 3s. I've waffled on whether to expand it, but if we do, it'll not be by much.
  21. Maybe not, but sometimes it's necessary and essential. Would you really appreciate someone coming to a motorcycle forum and talking about their knitting or Pokemon battle accomplishments? Every platform has the right to decide what they do or don't allow on their platforms. Pornography, in particular, is often blanket banned from forums, even textual descriptions of pornographic activity. This is a form of censorship that is not only allowed, but actively encouraged by the majority of the posters. It's not the right time or place to discuss it, even if it's completely legal. Extend that to other things that have a high level of conflict - politics, especially. Is it a net positive or net negative to the platform? If it's a net negative, ask people to take it elsewhere. While some people do come to Wurm to vent about real life, some come to Wurm to give an escape from the real world for a few hours. The latest things done by the US Congress, or Boris Johnson's latest antics, or whether two countries are about to go to war with each other; none of these things are even remotely relevant to Wurm Online chat, even if people do feel strongly about them. And perhaps because feel strongly about them. And with all that said, I'm not actually in favor of banning political chat. I'd rather take the softer approach, and ask people to refrain personally and voluntarily. Have consideration for the fellow players who don't want to have to deal with it, and don't bring it up. Vent your political frustrations in a more appropriate discussion format. I've already got a Wurmian who I liked who soured my opinion of him with some rather... misogynist usage of words. I'd rather stay ignorant of others' political views, and keep them as friends. Or at least good acquaintances.
  22. With the completion of Coastal Catwalk, I'm stepping back as a paver, leaving it to others to work on their own areas. That does not mean that I'm saying, "Mission done, KMAYOYO!" - I'm still working to help people get connected. If you have a stretch of road that you need paved and/or Catseyed, get in touch with me (TopCat in-game), and I'll help in whatever way I can. I can sell bundles of bricks, Catseyes, and Waystones for a reasonable cost (and with the Highway now functional, Wagoners can do the deliveries!), and I can travel to pave personal highway connections on commission for a nominal fee.