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  1. I think we've gone a bit off topic with Rhianna's message. Please can we keep it on topic on wooden rings. +1 because why not
  2. What does this actually mean? Is it line of sight from the top or bottom? Is it using archery mechanics e.g. Are they not able to shoot over tall walls/buildings and/or shoot through windows?
  3. Bump for a fantastic group of people with bundles of experience and some of the best accounts on Chaos right now. We will gear you up with anything you need for skilling or fighting. Come join up with, learn from and become part of Wurm University today!
  4. With the new year coming up, why not come join the newest kingdom on Chaos. With a bunch of experience players with the accounts to supply you with all you need to craft, build and fight. Come learn from us sharing tips and tricks for all to do with Wurm. Sign up today and come be apart of something being built from the ground up today!
  5. +1 It does take forever to disband a deed. This stops the tediousness of draining a deed as it will be quicker to disband a deed that is not defended well enough to stop drains and prevents the whole keep dumping in money as if you want to do that, it will get very expensive to do so.
  6. +1 to the longer logout timer. The shortness of Chaos' timer right now is silly when trying to break into a deed and the player can just log out really safely with all their loot.
  7. Tfw 4 is more than 4... Plus as I said before, if you can wall someone in for some time, you can plan to get in and have the advantage where the defenders usually do. If the pvp ban hadn't come in for you to get out, there would have been some form of pvp by either a rescue team or you having to log in.
  8. It's called wall them in so the attackers have a chance to make tactics of their own. When we did it last, we planned to get into their mine through a mine of our own (which worked). That way the attackers can get pvp by keeping the defenders in one spot. Right now as a defender you can bash out in like a minute due to the bash bonus and numbers. Should be much harder to escape but not impossible. That way both sides have some form of counterplay to the opposite side.
  9. Last night JK trapped a group of 6 enemy players in a mine after they tried to cap our tower. They are still stuck there. Do you really want to join a kingdom where you have the two options of not logging on for days to play or logging in to die swiftly? Didn't think so. Join the kingdom that will put our enemies in that impossible choice situation. Join JK today!
  10. Join a Kingdom who existed before MR was ever formed!
  11. Join JK where we don't just post random template spam and mindless comments as we have recent achievements to boast about. Have you seen MR post any of their achievements from the past few weeks recently? Didn't think so unless they count losing a deed, champ life, scale set and artifacts as some. Come join in the fun and upset enemy kingdoms even more!
  12. Join now to be apart of the fun times ahead. The enemy kingdoms won't know what hits them when these plans execute, you won't want to be on the opposition when it all goes down. The only way to be apart of it is to join up though.
  13. So does forcing people to come defend a deed that's being raided, the only difference is karma porting puts them in one of the safest places in local, the middle of a deed with defenses. It doesn't really form any pvp as the defenders stay inside a deed repairing away until the attackers get bored of a lack of pvp/ground gained. There is no way you can argue that having to be forced to run in open ground into a deed is less likely to make pvp happen than magically teleporting someone into the safety of a deed. There is no risk and every abuses it, not just one single kingdom. I would 100% prefer the 2nd option out of the two. As then at least when a formidable raid force turns up it can't outrepair them and it makes people come into local from the outside of the deed.
  14. And what's the point of controlling it if you can't actually keep it as well. JK taking down the first of many MR deeds. Just adding to the positive list of recent achievements. [22:42:11] You find 39 copper and 69 iron in the coffers of Thirty Five Percent. [22:48:56] It is 04:13:21 on Wrath day in week 1 of the starfall of the Leaf in the year of 1060. [22:48:56] The settlement of Thirty Five Percent has just been disbanded. Do you want to be part of kingdom who gives up their deeds so easily? Or do you want to be part of JK who go on the offensive and partake in the fun aspects of pvp?