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  1. Why this isn't in the game already I have no idea. +1
  2. Wurm is most fun to me when you're self-sufficient. And it would be great to be able show for it, to prove you came all that way yourself. For that reason I highly approve of this suggestion. I've been looking for a reason to start all over again. And more new accounts = more money for the development team.
  3. I thought you were supposed to stop replying like 5 posts ago...
  4. This was what became of the last Ashes of Eden server (which was already the 2nd one), just a heads up for prospective players. https://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/164453-ashes-of-eden-ii-3x3x-pvp/&page=2
  5. I'm not sure who told you the arrow pack trick was intentional but they should have talked to other staff first. Lack of communication seems to be a problem, and you're clearly not to blame for this going unchecked so long. But now we know this arrow pack method isn't an intentional mechanic, so it's time to stop referring to it as one. I don't doubt you put a lot of time into those casts you have, even with the exploit, but it still pales in comparison to the people who did it legit for months losing countless high casts and gold due to the risks. And you talk about having fun soloing uniques, but that just makes my case - It takes away the challenge from the game, and adding more end-game content in response creates an endless power creep that worsens the problem. Although players (now quit) were able to solo dragons without this exploit before, tons of strategy and risk was required to pull it off, and with your enchants I'm sure it is a breeze in comparison. I think if enchant power is capped at 200-250 you would still be able to do everything you can now, which is far above and beyond other players abilities. Even using the enchanter crystals legit I don't think you could ever get to 250. It's a generous suggestion in my opinion, and will still leave some room for Channeling and other skills to matter.
  6. True as that may be, it's much easier and low-risk to raise casts this way over normal means. Players shouldn't get to keep them, and it will be doubly unfair when no longer possible, making them the strongest players forever. In my opinion you should consider capping all enchant power to the highest value normally reachable, around 200 or so. I never saw anyone get a legit cast above 250 using crystals before this exploit was discovered. This would still be very powerful, yet allow players with 90-95 channeling to get rather close. This is more damaging than the rarity exploit by far, yet you took further action then. Regardless, thank you for your response and I'm glad to hear you will be working on the server again soon.
  7. I don't think the power creep of MMORPG's is a good example for you to follow. It leaves new players in the dust and renders a lot of older content obsolete. It has been shown time and time again that the formula is unhealthy. I don't wish to derail your thread so I shall keep it short - There are reasons why things such as WoW and Everquest vanilla servers have become increasingly popular. Instead, it would be a better goal for you to balance the current game rather than continuously add end-game content just to appease the overpowered players which make up a small portion of your server. That is a mistake many MMORPG's made. It is a band-aid that does not address the root of the problem, will continue ad infinitum, and will needlessly add much more to your development time. The OP players will become more OP and the problem worsens.
  8. I'm not sure when this server is going to be updated again, but I would like to ask the server owner to take another look at crystals, especially the enchanter ones. Seeing players with over 200 power enchants by hoarding crystals (which is not difficult to do) is rather discouraging to new players and a slap in the face to those who played for months without having to exploit those items. I worked hard to raise the stats of my character, but they mean zilch when someone can come along and be carried by such boosted items and casts. Months ago I saw a player with a Fantastic 100ql Staff that had similarly powerful enchants, so I can only imagine how bad the situation is now. It has deterred me from participating in any further combat or unique hunts on this server. I've heard rumors that there might be a new map added to the server. If so, it would be great if it had separate inventories and there were no crystals there. Players had no problem grouping up to kill uniques before the crystal meta was the norm (even soloing certain ones), which is why I argue that crystals could be cut out entirely. Largely thanks to crystals, uniques have become pinatas for free items that die within an hour of being spawned. And I say all this as someone who has benefited from crystals myself by supreming my statuettes. I took no joy in abusing an OP mechanic, players do it merely because it's mandatory to catch up with others and there's no downside to using them. It's not fun or impressive, it's just a free ticket to majorly buffing your items.That's not what Wurm is about, and it hurts the community. Many players are self-sufficient, walking gods now and the trading scene is dead. Very sad because this used to be the greatest WU server IMO.
  9. I was there when this happened. They did nothing but provide constructive feedback for the server, and no drama erupted in the chat. A day later you show up pissed off and banned both of them permanently. A shitstorm is just the false label you are putting on it because you overreact constantly and have proven time and time again you are ill-suited to handle these situations. Beware to those who wish to join this server, things have not been looking good.
  10. Hey Duuuude, the server development has had extra support from experienced players this time around, and I am happy to report the server has been going very smoothly since launch. No bugs present and no wipes planned. This is actually a really solid server now, and players from the last wipe were fully compensated. Hope new players will consider giving this server a try.
  11. I don't know if this is doable, but I'd love a client mod that replaces the male emote sounds with the old ones. I know they're low-quality sounding in comparison but that's what made them funnier in my opinion.
  12. I'm new to this server and have enjoyed it so far. I used to play Wurm Online but later didn't have time for the grind, after that I played on a WU server but decided to leave due to poor admin decisions. I've witnessed admins on other servers making changes to the game that are too drastic or convenient, but you haven't done anything of the sort. Very agreeable changes so far, especially having material types make more of a difference and buffing unpopular weapons. Some things I will mention however, but just in my opinion: * Buffing the Sickle hurts the Medium Axe since it already has more DPS than the latter. Maybe the Medium Axe needs a small buff too? * While I like the addition of Wyverns and Giants, I don't think Fire Crabs or Spirit Trolls add much to the game since they are the same but with a different effect. * It feels like there's too many creatures for how big the map is. Almost everywhere I go I see armies of animals being ignored. Maybe this is just because the server is new. * Selling sleep powders or having increased XP events/weekends might help those of us who have less time catch up.
  13. What does the mod fix exactly?
  14. I hope it's okay to post this here, but I was curious what everyone's favorite Skill and Action modifiers are for servers in Wurm Unlimited so I made a poll. The results of this poll should be useful for server hosts and people who plan to host their own server in the future so they know which values appeal to the most amount of players. POLL: http://strawpoll.me/7277629 (Using strawpoll since I posted this on the Steam forums too) I personally like 3-5x Skill and 1.5-2.5x Action since it allows for more specialization, and I miss being able to alt-tab while doing actions in Wurm Online, so any very high Action timers just feel unnatural to me.