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  1. Adding onto this idea: An option for players to smell the farts of others, allowing them to track other players by the fart smells they leave behind and ascertain their stat pools and buffs. This would also grant tracking xp.
  2. If you fart while riding an animal or vehicle it should give you a short speed boost, putting the wind in your sails so to speak. This would allow for more strategic moves in combat such as catching up with other players or making a quick escape. The amount you've ate (or what you've ate) and how long it has been since your last fart would determine its power. This would make certain foods more desirable and add variety to what players choose to eat. There could even be a toggleable Fart Bar added to the UI that displays information about your next fart. However, holding in a fart too long would cause you to lose it and "damage" your pants (I am sure you see the implication here). Depending how powerful the fart is, the sound itself could be affected; changing in pitch, length and volume - with the risk being that if you use a super powerful fart the noise will give your position away to players outside of local and cause mobs to investigate. On the other hand, this noise could be used by tanks to aggro their targets and generate threat, which would be referred to as "fart pulling". The speed boost could also work on foot, or the fart capable of debuffing enemies, but I fear that would be a little overpowered. Maybe alchemical potions could buff your farts and give them new abilities.
  3. It doesn't seem like a lot of people moved to the new server? Under 300 people online on average, and I worry what that will fall to in a few months. Melody has more players despite being a quarter of the size. Cadence = first new server that will die out? Hoping the Wurm team has an ace up their sleeve.
  4. Long time Wurm player... Not comfortable with the name Rumble at all! Does not fit the theme of Wurm and seems very low effort.
  5. If it has enough customization, for example the text only triggers when I land/receive blows to the head or critical hits, this would be a nice feature for all types of players. @Oblivionreaver makes a fair point that damage is pretty much the same otherwise, but for something more variable like magic it would still be quite useful.
  6. Why this isn't in the game already I have no idea. +1
  7. Wurm is most fun to me when you're self-sufficient. And it would be great to be able show for it, to prove you came all that way yourself. For that reason I highly approve of this suggestion. I've been looking for a reason to start all over again. And more new accounts = more money for the development team.
  8. I thought you were supposed to stop replying like 5 posts ago...
  9. This was what became of the last Ashes of Eden server (which was already the 2nd one), just a heads up for prospective players. https://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/164453-ashes-of-eden-ii-3x3x-pvp/&page=2
  10. I'm not sure who told you the arrow pack trick was intentional but they should have talked to other staff first. Lack of communication seems to be a problem, and you're clearly not to blame for this going unchecked so long. But now we know this arrow pack method isn't an intentional mechanic, so it's time to stop referring to it as one. I don't doubt you put a lot of time into those casts you have, even with the exploit, but it still pales in comparison to the people who did it legit for months losing countless high casts and gold due to the risks. And you talk about having fun soloing uniques, but that just makes my case - It takes away the challenge from the game, and adding more end-game content in response creates an endless power creep that worsens the problem. Although players (now quit) were able to solo dragons without this exploit before, tons of strategy and risk was required to pull it off, and with your enchants I'm sure it is a breeze in comparison. I think if enchant power is capped at 200-250 you would still be able to do everything you can now, which is far above and beyond other players abilities. Even using the enchanter crystals legit I don't think you could ever get to 250. It's a generous suggestion in my opinion, and will still leave some room for Channeling and other skills to matter.
  11. True as that may be, it's much easier and low-risk to raise casts this way over normal means. Players shouldn't get to keep them, and it will be doubly unfair when no longer possible, making them the strongest players forever. In my opinion you should consider capping all enchant power to the highest value normally reachable, around 200 or so. I never saw anyone get a legit cast above 250 using crystals before this exploit was discovered. This would still be very powerful, yet allow players with 90-95 channeling to get rather close. This is more damaging than the rarity exploit by far, yet you took further action then. Regardless, thank you for your response and I'm glad to hear you will be working on the server again soon.