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  1. A long time ago the Iron vein QL was capped at 50 for homeservers (freedom) and uncapped for wild (chaos) server. That forced players to do trips to wild to mine ore. Which provided the PVP peeps with a chance to hunt them. I know its drasticly but some sort of "special resource" (usefull) you can only get on chaos server would bring some thriill back to the game.
  2. Knapsack

    99,99 QL Fantastic knapsack, tin 99.99 QL Fantastic champagne [18:28:16] You entered through the portal to Wurm on day of Tears, week 3 of the starfall of Diamonds, 980. That's 3318 days, 2 hours and 50 minutes ago.
  3. Howdy ladies and gentlements, Seeling 40 sleep powders on Exodus. 1s per sleep powder OR 10 SP 9,5 s 20 SP 18,5 s 30 SP 27 s 40 SP 35 s No delivery. Pickup at Port Royal (k9 on Exodus) Post here, PM on forums or ingame. Enjoy
  4. Yes, Ally-Settlement on which I got full permission (well all permissions that are avaible for an ally) Thanks for clearing that up. Shame on me. As I am living there fulltime currently I totaly forgot that I am "only" an Ally.
  5. [17:45:55] You may only plant one pointing sign outside your settlement per week. [17:45:56] This is within the village of Port Royal. I planted one pointing sign outside of the village and now I get this message and can't plant any more signs inside the settlement. Tried on tile corner or on the tile itself.
  6. Will be there Quick hint: The Giants Causeway connects the south sea to Fraser Bay (Sailboats and Knarrs | Kog&Corbita 10 tile drag) for easy traveling
  7. Hey, just noticed this minor bug. Meditation Rugs seem to hover a bit over the ground. The skull in the image is visibile underneath the rug. Tested with a beautiful meditation rug.
  8. Does anyone know when Exodus last reset or is going to reset?
  9. Hello Wiki-Editors, I do not own a Wiki account and wanted to submit following addition: The titles section only lists the title "Jarl of Lomaner" for 18 month premium. The female title seems to be "Countess of Lomar". I know its only a small addition but I hope someone adds it
  10. Hello my friends, I currently have a support ticket open because I have an unfinished pinewood pile stuck in my finished house. The pile has only 1 log missing and therefor is pretty heavy. (The pile wasnt made by me) I thought i could load it into a cart and move it out, but you cant. You can't push it, load it, bash it or finish it. Only take (but too heavy). So my suggestion is to make them loadable into carts. The error, when trying to load, you get is: [16:53:47] Unfinished pile is not transportable in this way. That change would prevent such situations in the future. Best wishes, Mirjam
  11. The Breeding on epic seems to work normaly. I am breeding just now. So it doesnt seem to be a problem in the code. Think the reason is the animal cap.
  12. Open new servers.

    Ehm guys? is it just me or do you also see some ironic aspects in Jot's suggesting by subliminal impling that there are to few players for so many servers?
  13. Huge Sharks

    A gigantic shark unique? like this?