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  1. I have been passed the task to keep the map up to date. I wish to thank the previous caretakers of the map makingĀ“, without there work this version of the map would be impossible. To be able to do this i have made a new version of the map The new map can be found here: Get the map now (approx. 7mb) To add a deed post a coord and where about in the coord the deed are, Please consider if the deed you ask to be added are one that the owner would want on the map, afterall there are hermits out there that may not want to be found. Ok i have given the main roads some thinking and this is what i want to be defined as a main road: Main roads - It has to be atleast 2 tiles wide in total - if it has sand on the sides it a big plus. Road names - Will only be given special passages and names will be open for debate to some degree. - Named roads must as stated above be very special for example a road made during a comunity event. Latest update: 2017-04-20 13:30
  2. Its the updated map. Here are the old map, note the diffrence Old map New Map:
  3. New map dump applied.
  4. I thought i found it, where are the unstable client storing its files ?
  5. fps seems to go up and down like a yoyo CPU: 8x4200mhz MEM: 24gb GPU: Intel 970gt OS: Windows 10 Pro 65-bit Java: 64-bit With that spec the fps shouldnt be up and down like a yoyo while standing still in a buildning.
  6. Will do. Added the color yellow to show its disbanded.
  7. Build a 2x3 or a 3x3 house, drag your hens into it an drop food in the middle tiles... chicken coop done. Personally i keep 6-10 hens at anytime, all kept in a 4x3 house. 2 full piles of corn in the middle tiles lasts about a week. If you want to keep animals you have to take into calculation that it will take some time to take care of it. So -1
  8. Magrathea Lantern Shop ! Proudly served wurmians since the year of 980! Placeing an order For the sake of keeping things simple please make a post in this thread and i will send you the item as soon as i see the order. You can also send me a ingame pm, posts here comes first though. Lanterns Will normally be made on order only, prices are as follows: Pocket Sun - 80c (91ql) - made on order Pocket Nova -3s50c (95ql) - made on order Colors available: All lanterns will be painted white (currently: 240,240,240) unless you ask othervise. Example images: Red - White - Yellow - Cyan - Pink - Purple Example images of painted 91ql lamps: Darkness -White - Red - Cyan Available Stock Current stock available for delivery: Copper Hanging lamps / Iron lamps Will be made on order only, prices are as follows: 70ql - 20c (12pcs - 2s) 80ql - 30c (12pcs - 3s) 90ql - pm for price Picked up on deed (deli) only. Can not be sent must be picket up on deed, Location M8 on the ingame map,. Lamps will not be painted as standard as they use alot of paint, pm me ingame for a price and available colors. Imping Items 70ql - 20c 80ql - 40c 91ql - 80c (large anvils: 2s) 95ql - 4s (Large anvils: pm for prize) Just take the ql you want it imped to and take off the closest cost (depending on the current ql) and you get the imping price. If it is below 65ql the price are as listed.
  9. my storage shed will look all pretty as i want it to look, thanks for the crate storage. Now i need make lots large crate.
  10. New map up. Had to revert to a earlier version due to some issues with non editable text layers. I think its all up to date now.
  11. We have something called a smelter nowdays, and just to make my point why i am not for such a thing like automelting. I have 99 in mining skill, use a 97ql pickaxe with 90woa+ and i STILL cant keep up with the melting speed a 70ql smelter has. Its better to use the current "system" when adding some thing that basicly seems like a proposal to make smelters obsololete, and also it would make possible future uses for unmelted ore such as paving. So -1 to this.
  12. -1 i dont think rare abbilities need to be changed. Its a carefully balanced system as it is. And the bed have worked fine so far without HUGE bonuses from being rare. Its not meant to me something that gives you full sb over night, its meant to even out things between the people putting lots of time into the game and those who cant. So no dont change the sb gain when a bed are rare etc. And if you want more storage in the crates etc... there are runes for that.
  13. [06:55:11] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes.
  14. [07:30:20] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes.
  15. will be sent tomorrow, sorry for the delay
  16. Well i put that name as i think it resembles the look of a dragon head. But i agree with Yaga that the name can be changed but it should not be based on what deeds that are there at the momement as it can change. Give me a name that you all can agree on and ill change it. But please have that discussion in a separate thread,
  17. Here are a trivial fact... When i load photoshop 2017 CC and the map the computer use 10gb of ram extra besides the normal usage.
  18. I have started to add clayspots, please help me find them.
  19. I asked jberg and they let out the area needed for a new highway. Said highway are now in place.