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  1. Usually players dont have a priest as a main account. Priests are limited in what they can and cant do... so id say without no alts no priests and with no priests you get limited in what kind of thing that can be produced... that or everyone has to buy enchants. But cost coin and if you can produce items that sell well... You see where i am going with this. The idea are good but it may need tweaking.
  2. I am not sure if i can attend but if needed i can provide iron for the imping.
  3. Can a moderator please move the thread to the sfi where it belongs.
  4. Tools (not large anvil) Includes price for imping to the same ql. 90ql - 90c 91ql - 1s 95ql - 4s Large anvil 80ql - 90c 90ql - 1s25c Special combo prices large + small anvil (90ql) - 1s75c Iron 90ql - 1s/100kg 92ql - 2s/100kg 95ql - 4s/100kg Bulk prices Iron 1k - 2s Zinc 1k - 2s Copper 1k -2s Bulk materials will be packed in either large crates or one bsb. Price per bsb: 10c Prize per large crate: 5c Note that not all ships can load a bsb, they may need a rune. You can of course bring your own containers. Items can be sent via cod or picked up at Magrathea Inc (Deliverance M8)
  5. As topic say, i need a large maul 90ql with all the bells and whistles. N, LT, MS, and coc. I would like to see the power on each at 90+. Post here with a price or pm me ingame.
  6. Vyn, 10% rarity chance 13,90ql - 20c17,45ql - 26c32,93ql- 48c33,78ql - 49c35,95ql - 48c cod them please.
  7. Libilia: 10% higher gather QL, bronze 25,25ql - 37c28,24ql - 44c28,97ql- 45c31,72ql - 54c50,50ql - 81c Jackal: Decent glow 10,49ql - 17c10,49ql 17c15,18ql - 24c19,56ql - 31c21,16ql 33c22,01ql- 34c27,65ql - 43c
  8. 75ql Chain shoulder pad 85c { Get pair 75ql Chain shoulder pad 85c } for 1.5s Send me these please
  9. There certainly are tomorrow after work, Mrs Flue came for a extended unwanted stay.
  10. The changes will be in the map tomorrow. Have been busy with a project of mine the last 2 weeks... as usual the hunt for ";" and "}" have been successful of sorts =)
  11. ty. Can we get the protected roads like every 2 weeks ? dont need the entire package just the roadmap.