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  1. all gems sold, more bundles will come in the future.
  2. Prices on the gem bundles are now 10s per bundle and 36s if you buy them all at once !
  3. They eat lump like crazy but i can surely supply those. Sold in lots of 5. 30ql - 50c 50ql - 90c 70ql - 1s25c
  4. Bulk prices on lumps are also available. Iron, Zinc,Copper and Lead available, prices as follows: Starting lumps (around 60ql) - 1s per 1l 90ql lumps - 1c per lump 95ql lumps - 1.5c per lump 97ql lumps - 2c per lump Buy 500 or more lumps of imp lump and get 10% off. Pickup at M8 Deli (Magrathea Inc). And of course i make lanterns, what would the world be without lanterns ! 91ql - 1s 95ql - 4s
  5. Well this is a very complicated issue to say the least. To just say merge no matter the what happens after the merge isnt the route to go, Rolf tried that in the past and that basicly killed all the home servers as the only solution where to start over on a new land. There are things to consider as in what happens to the ingame economy, how will the NFI player act when they go to SFI land ? How will SFI players act when going to NFI ? The economy will go one way and one only, and that is DOWN. The game will loose prem income as there will be less prem:ed accounts. The players on NFI will probably be overrun by crafters on SFI cluster and that will mean that SFI crafters will be able to sell more items to higher prizes or just stick to the current prices on the SFI cluster. That would in turn make less people sign up / stay in the game. With that said i would be one of the players flooding SFI with cheaper good (slightly higher prices then NFI has now) and make plenty of coin of it. But whats good for me arent good for the game as a whole. So if one takes the economy in mind Its a bust. Community wise it would probably be a good thing, i say probably as there are pits to fall into here as well. As a player on SFI side i enjoy being able to tinker on my deed and not having people running around my deeds. I dont want to go back to putting up walls around the deed but i probably would have to if the clusters are joined as i have bad experiences from such things in the past. technicly its probably a easy thing to do, but is it good for the game in the long run... NOPE. Keep as is, the staff wont loose money from less prem:ed accounts och coin sells etc. The only way i could see it done are to use a portar where you leave the stuff/coffers etc in limbo, you can then step into the other "world"... but the NFI and SFI economys and item database should never be merged as it will probaly have long lasting ripples of badness with it.
  6. We have items that have more then one compartment and some fill special items only. So what i suggest are that we get a slot/compartment where you can place a lantern or what would be even better a special wagon lantern. Not only would that promote people to buy/make the item but in the end we would get a wagon that are more easily found/seen in say mines. One could also make it so a lantern just dropped in the inventory of the wagon/cart will have the same effect as if a player would wear a lantern in inventory. But i would like to see a special lantern that are specific for wagons and it should hold more fuel.
  7. I dont see a problem with the time span a players has to pickup an item. I have even sold several items to a player that had some items staying in "limbo" as he/she where out in the stix and nowhere near a deed. That way the items didnt take damage by laying in a container outside deed. Besides is it hard to ask the player you sell to if the item will be picked up withing a certain timeperiod ? most players will do this and the ones that cant pick the item/items up right away will almost always inform on this fact. Atleast thats my experience. What i would like to see in game though are a way to get a windows where i can administer the packages i have sent, maybe it could be possible to add a shorter time period that way or just revoke the package from said windows.
  8. Fishing missions would be a good mission in my mind, personally i like fishing and my pigs like the fish as well.
  9. I suggested this many years ago, way before i took a break but i think the game could use a token like the village one but one that only allows to take money out. That way one would be able to place it where it would be best suited. That way players wouldnt have to get access to the village token (that in my case are hidden in a abscure area that demand that i unlock no less the 4 doors). It should of course need some kind of enchantment. Courier are the most logical. When it comes to looks why not have a stone pillar from stone altars and maybe bird or pig on top of it. Anyways that my 2 cents on the idea.
  10. Gems

    [17:08:20] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to reach Kace in less than ten minutes. I included a freebie just for the sake of it.
  11. Gems

    what name should i cod them to ?
  12. Gems

    lowered starting bid to 35s.
  13. Gems

    Gems set of 100 emeralds. Starting bid: 40s 35s Increment (minimum): 1 s Buyout: 50s Private Bids: Accepted
  14. xmas came early i see, the kilns and other items made from stone bricks should in my mind be converted into what they look to be today that way people can keep the look and feel of the room if they planned it that way. Personally i like the new looks alot so i wouldnt mind either way but still they should stay the same look. Maybe with the option to convert the look once would be a option as well.