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  1. [07:12:17] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes.
  2. What you are bidding on are a bundle of gems. Starting bid: 25s Min. Increase: 1s Sniper: protection: 30min Buyout: 40s Buyer pays cod. Auction ended. Gems bought at buyout price.
  3. Well i am kind of mad thats no secret so i would just like to ask what your village sign looks like... Here are mine: Its at 18x1 tiles long and 9 stories high. Need to find some gold so i can make lighting on top.
  4. I have given this some thought and this is what i propose: Currently you have to drag an drop as many items as you body strength and inventory weight allows. I dont suggest changing how much you can drag and drop what i propose are that the tirerly process of filling bulkbins etc, so what id like to see are a timer that are based on same variables as today. The only thing would be that the client does the drag and drop actions. This should not be a quick action, it shuld only make it easier to load say a crate. So a drag and drop action that uses stamina, body strength, inventory weight(how many items you can move per action). Each drag action should also be affected of how much body control you have. Maybe it should be a shorter action timer on deed, i am not sure about that but it could be a good idea,
  5. bump, color chart updated.
  6. ill take them as often as you can make them, one dump each quarter would be a great thing.
  7. Dont know if its been asked or answered for that matter but would it be possible to get a map dump monthly ? As a mapmaker i would like to have as fresh map as possible.
  8. Simple question to everyone. Are there any other impalongs planned then the one at glasshollow ? If not i feel tempted to arrange one on deli at Hill of Swedes, would not be a huge one with prizes and such but there will be every imping type in the same house wich would make it a good way to gain faith if there are enough people that is.
  9. Well i for one dont see how this is more or less the "official" implalong, when was it voted ? i rather see it hosted by another server due to a few reasons namly: - Lag on xanadu are bad normaly, it should be nearly horrible when addinh a ton of players in the same area. - Implalongs should be held by diffrent deeds and not by one that have hosted one already - Where are the vote saying it should be the official implalong ? Given the above reasons i will probably not visit the impalong, i dispise lag and the fact that id need to live with it for days... And i know how much work it takes to do a impalong but if the comunity comes together it shouldnt be an issue building up a impalong deed on one of the less occupied servers.
  10. Its getting abit annoying that the client goes back to the default item when activating a stone chisel and a rock shards for example in the crafting window. What happens are that i have to mark the blind cats eye everytime i open the crafting windows, Didnt it use to be that the client remembers what i made last time ?
  11. I have a few things id like to see on wagons. Its possible to have a contrainer within a container now days and id like to see the following slots: - water barell (small barell), it already have this graphic so why not add one container for it. - Lightsource slot, this would not only be logical it would also make it easier to fin your wagon in a dark mine etc. - Storage chest that cant be loaded or unloaded. This would be a nice addition so you can store your gear etc. It should also reduce the storage volume the way a loaded large chest would. - Some kind of food storage like the xmas gift. Should only hold like 3kg, and mabe have a slot like larders for snowballs.
  12. +1 Id like to be able to color the bricks, so id say more color should be avaible lik red, blue, green etc
  13. - 1 Cant see how it would work, what happens when you return to pve/pvp servers again ? Epic where created for those who wanted a fresh start or a quick skillgain game so i think it should stay that way.
  14. +1 transmutation liquid +1 Echanting option to make a watertile - 1 reworking how a well/fountain works
  15. -1 as wurm dont have the lamps needed to grow stuff underground and to be honest those lamps feel wrong for the time/age wurm are at.