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  1. New updated map are up.
  2. There certainly are tomorrow after work, Mrs Flue came for a extended unwanted stay.
  3. The changes will be in the map tomorrow. Have been busy with a project of mine the last 2 weeks... as usual the hunt for ";" and "}" have been successful of sorts =)
  4. ty. Can we get the protected roads like every 2 weeks ? dont need the entire package just the roadmap.
  5. ty, that was quick. I plan on making a sign or maybe getting the the protected sign mentioning who helped out etc.
  6. started adding light yellow marked roads for the ones i know are protected. Please help me with the info so i can add it as complete as possible.
  7. easiest are to sail to west coast ( Hill of Swedes ) and walk to the tunnel. GD West are the deed at the west side entrance and Memory Lane are at the east side.
  8. The Green dog tunnel have been under remodelling for the past month or so, its here the blessing squad are needed, In the tunnel there are 300+ lamps that need blessing. All the other work are done.
  9. Yay my bulk transfer where implenented... *jumps of joy*
  10. [07:12:17] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes.
  11. What you are bidding on are a bundle of gems. Starting bid: 25s Min. Increase: 1s Sniper: protection: 30min Buyout: 40s Buyer pays cod. Auction ended. Gems bought at buyout price.
  12. Well i am kind of mad thats no secret so i would just like to ask what your village sign looks like... Here are mine: Its at 18x1 tiles long and 9 stories high. Need to find some gold so i can make lighting on top.
  13. I have given this some thought and this is what i propose: Currently you have to drag an drop as many items as you body strength and inventory weight allows. I dont suggest changing how much you can drag and drop what i propose are that the tirerly process of filling bulkbins etc, so what id like to see are a timer that are based on same variables as today. The only thing would be that the client does the drag and drop actions. This should not be a quick action, it shuld only make it easier to load say a crate. So a drag and drop action that uses stamina, body strength, inventory weight(how many items you can move per action). Each drag action should also be affected of how much body control you have. Maybe it should be a shorter action timer on deed, i am not sure about that but it could be a good idea,