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  1. Another odd but probably easy fix. Half the lower information of the text are missing. It appears correctly after enabling show player name. Also there are strange flickering tiles.
  2. Its the updated map. Here are the old map, note the diffrence Old map New Map:
  3. New map dump applied.
  4. I thought i found it, where are the unstable client storing its files ?
  5. fps seems to go up and down like a yoyo CPU: 8x4200mhz MEM: 24gb GPU: Intel 970gt OS: Windows 10 Pro 65-bit Java: 64-bit With that spec the fps shouldnt be up and down like a yoyo while standing still in a buildning.
  6. Will do. Added the color yellow to show its disbanded.
  7. Build a 2x3 or a 3x3 house, drag your hens into it an drop food in the middle tiles... chicken coop done. Personally i keep 6-10 hens at anytime, all kept in a 4x3 house. 2 full piles of corn in the middle tiles lasts about a week. If you want to keep animals you have to take into calculation that it will take some time to take care of it. So -1
  8. my storage shed will look all pretty as i want it to look, thanks for the crate storage. Now i need make lots large crate.
  9. New map up. Had to revert to a earlier version due to some issues with non editable text layers. I think its all up to date now.
  10. We have something called a smelter nowdays, and just to make my point why i am not for such a thing like automelting. I have 99 in mining skill, use a 97ql pickaxe with 90woa+ and i STILL cant keep up with the melting speed a 70ql smelter has. Its better to use the current "system" when adding some thing that basicly seems like a proposal to make smelters obsololete, and also it would make possible future uses for unmelted ore such as paving. So -1 to this.
  11. -1 i dont think rare abbilities need to be changed. Its a carefully balanced system as it is. And the bed have worked fine so far without HUGE bonuses from being rare. Its not meant to me something that gives you full sb over night, its meant to even out things between the people putting lots of time into the game and those who cant. So no dont change the sb gain when a bed are rare etc. And if you want more storage in the crates etc... there are runes for that.