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  1. Going to be so cool that Vynora priest can fly.
  2. new rift

    anyone know where it is located?
  3. That sucks. Figured that out flat raising. Can't wait to try my 98coc 3ql pick on a vein.
  4. Thanks for this information.
  5. wts rares,pelts

    cod wild cat pelt to rapidron please.
  6. Came by and looked yesterday. I do not think there is enough paint in wurm to make the Fo statue look good. Don't get me wrong I like Fo but oh my lord thank goodness for a mother's love.
  7. OH I just found a love tile
  8. Deli down?

    Let us pray for its return. NO NO let's pray when it returns for some skill gain.
  9. this worked for me a little cheesy could have been a nice brie but IT worked Thanks