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  1. Great thanks Retro, we should take this discussion there now I suppose.
  2. I hope this can achieve rapid Epic community support to maintain the intended purpose of the new Elevation release. +1
  3. Wurm Classic

    Seen "Classic" and was ready to break out my "Jake" graphic packs. Guess you meant wurm Middle-Aged
  4. What did you do, proph?
  5. Where is the option for this? I have trees at extreme and still not seeing a difference.
  6. This brings back memories. I should dig out my offline copy of Wrath of Magranon
  7. Language please, this is a CHRISTIAN server!!
  8. Very sorry to hear this. Rest easy old foe.
  9. Disagree, I hope this is only the beginning.
  10. All I've got ticking over currently is around 20 different crypto of varying amounts, some parked Landbay stuff and some fintech startup interest. Did some day trading a year or so ago, but it wasn't for me. I much prefer the set-it-and-forget-it method (hodl) and go about my life.
  11. Interesting, I tested the Preview Client and mine only fluctuates between 1.2 and 1.5GB ram, depending on how populated the area is. Are you using the modern or classic renderer?
  12. [20:37:04] Your title is now Banger Whacker. Perfect.