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  1. Forgive my ignorance, but what is HOTS and was it automatic when I created my local server?
  2. Hi. I just set up a creative server, and noticed that the deed guards are not spirit templars , but instead some sort of ghost-like mob. Normal?
  3. While moving from tile to tile, walking along a stone path perhaps, there is a slight pause as I cross the borders. As you might imagine, it is annoying. My settings aren't set to extreme or anything like that, and I have things like shadows off, etc. Any ideas? More Info GPU-Z shows that the game is not really using a lot of my gpu or card memory. My card is not new or fancy. Also, GPU usage jumps all over the place from 2% to 100%. 25%, then 80%, then 7%, all within seconds. I tested this while walking back and forth along a medium length path, maybe 7 tiles. Why wouldn't it use more of the GPU? Wouldn't that give me smoother play and a higher frame rate? related rant: I wish graphics were smoother and better. Other, seemingly more demanding games, perform much better with higher frame rates and great looks. I don't get it.
  4. Very nice. :-) Thanks for the solution. I was able to change the lock with a new large padlock (small did not work), and get more permissions and options. I was also able to remove the newly placed lock and still have access. Yippee! Related: I didn't realize my large cart was locked. I have been using it a lot, and don't have a key. I was able to unlock it (providing me with a 1 QL small padlock). I am able to use it now unlocked, but wonder why I have this crap lock, and no key for it. Weird.
  5. I just created a small cart. I am on a hosted unlimited server if that helps. For some odd reason, upon creation, it defaulted to locked with a lock of very poor quality. My character supposedly can Manage, Access Hold, and May Drag, but I am not given a Drag option. The menu options for Permissions > History of Small Cart, and Manage Small Cart are available. My character has Manage, Access, and May Drag checked. What the heck?
  6. I am still curious if the in-game map can be replaced somehow with yours.
  7. I think I located some on map. Holy cow, some tar areas are gigantic.
  8. Maybe I can't zoom in enough, or am simply blind. I wonder also, if the in game map can be changed to reflect your map.
  9. Is that vertical beam of light in the pics the spawn? (newb)
  10. I loved WO, but found it costly in money and time. With a mortgage, kid, and all that other stuff, it was actually too expensive for me. I know that it is likely not an issue for most, but it was hard to justify to my wife. Also, WO required a fair amount of time online, and it was tough with a family. I hope that WU allows me to play at my leisure when ever I want. I don't know if I will just play alone(Ack!!) or try to get a tiny server going. Too soon to tell without specs and server requirements, etc. I truly love Wurm, and WU may be the only way I can enjoy it again. Damn, I miss Wurm.
  11. Maybe it's just around my deeds. It seems that a den that was almost gone (high 90's damage) changed to 0.5 damage after a recent game update. It does not seem to decay at all. Anyone else getting this?
  12. It seems that Tajin is the only one updating. (I could be wrong)
  13. Ya, needed to lead it first, otherwise no management. Also was not tame.
  14. There's even a choice of who can access the inventory hold.
  15. Shark attack

    I have had sharks attack one tile inland, unprovoked.
  16. Show some Wurm love. While we may not appreciate the farewell posts, I think we should at least consider the reasoning behind them. I used to think, "See ya, don't let the door hit you on the ass on the way out", but now I don't. Not all, but many of these posters feel strongly enough to voice concern. In a way I feel bad for them. They likely loved the game, but they just had enough. It's a loss for them. A game shouldn't make people feel that way, not even Wurm. Then there are those that respond in aggressive ways. We sometimes act like old players, grandfathered in, unforgiving of those new kids on our Wurm lawns. I get it, you love Wurm and don't appreciate the quitters. Unfortunately, anyone new to the game, and likely the forum, will see these posts and have second thoughts about adventuring in Wurm. Wurm is about the community, but sometimes the community seems gated. Maybe we can look upon these farewell posts as an indicator that something is seriously wrong. I enjoy Wurm, and have learned to accept silly ###### in game mechanics, immersion, and server hiccups, but not everyone is as forgiving. I realize that other similar games have issues too, but that doesn't make it acceptable. We should try and suggest that the farewell posters stay. We we can be sympathetic, and try and make positive change. My soapbox is starting to crack. Time to step off.
  17. Please add Felsendorf x46, y15 It is on the shoreline at the upper left corner of the square. it as once Blackburrow, but that deed is long gone. Please remove it.
  18. This thread is a perfect example of some people attitudes about uniques.
  19. I am staying. Unfortunately I expect to watch a lot of abandoned deeds rotting slowly, and cluttering up the land. Maybe next year I may consider moving. I just can't see myself abandoning all the work I did. Heck, I am just starting to get good.
  20. I have never seen a unique. Sadly now it seems that while they will re-spawn, I will never see a unique that isn't being bashed on by a group. Sad.
  21. Darn, I am jealous. After all the work I put into my deeds, I can't really consider going to what is likely a great place.
  22. Forgive me if this was mentioned elsewhere. Some lamps on deed sometimes stay on when morning arrives, while the rest turn off. Walking a cobblestone path along the shore somehow allows sharks to attack me. WTH? Waiting for the obligatory land shark reference.