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  1. Dont blame others, because it didnt went well on the Rift. You had a very bad day. Just cooldown from the rage. Just have fun again in wurm soon. Kind regards
  2. Hello. Can you COD me: Rare Butchering Knife, iron QL_94 WoA_96 CoC_97 +10%Gather Rune 5,7 s To tclunatic thanks
  3. - Rare Knife (c94 w72) 79ql - Rare Shovel (c71 w44 Bronze Libila Rune) ql78 - Rare Hatchet (w92 c96 Bronze Libila Rune) ql79 Cod to Tclunatic plz
  4. Hey Guruen. Long time no see. How are you? ill hope you will find it soon as possible Good luck.
  5. Hi,any chance you have natural substances materials that you wanna give away?(paws,hoofs and such).

  6. I accept 8 silver for the caravel. Pm me to make appointment, plz
  7. You have to remind me. What is your name on zenath server?
  8. rare shovel already sold. rare spindle is still avaible, you still want spindle?
  9. [18:00:31] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than thirty minutes.
  10. Sold rare longsword en rare chain boot to Nomadikhan [17:54:29] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than thirty minutes.
  11. Hello everybody, I want to sell my deed on the server Celebration. It is north of the market of TDM. It's a nice small deed with citywalls that are connected by bridges. With this system you almost can walk around on the walls except where the workshop is. It has more than 290days upkeep and upkeepcosts are very low. The deed is included with all materials and stuff that is stored there. All kinds of lumps from ql1 to ql90+. Also under the deed is a mine with some veins. Also an enchanted horse area with horses (with all kinds of traits) + horsegear. Workshop has storage too from dirt to logs and tools to work with. Only the 3 rare forges were sold. Here are some pictures to get an impression. ] Always feel free to walk and look on deed, the gates are open. Give me an offer and we can negotiate about. Any questions can be asked in pm of this forum. Kind regards, tc