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  1. I got this same error, "Passwords do not match", when trying to reset my password. It's kind of hard for them not to match when you copy/paste the same string. Though I was finally able to reset my password when I chose a random assortment of letters and numbers. Though this is more secure I'd prefer to actually be able to remember my passwords. Please update your error message for resetting passwords to what it's actually erroring on...
  2. 10. Rare Iron Butcher Knife 91 quality 76coc 4s 15. Supreme Maple Spindle 91 quality 95coc. 8s
  3. With an opt out method the Map maker has to keep an additional list of mayor/deed/location of opt'd out deeds diminishing the hermit's intent. Or what is to stop someone from coming across their deed months later and noticing it not on the map and adding it? To make everyone happy... If you want the deed added to the list YOU contact the mayor and get them to add it or at least their permission to add it for them. This gives the hermit the option to say no before their location is divulged. If you use the map dump you'll get accurate road, much more important than deed locations, and hermit deeds will probably already be visible and will just remain nameless. EDIT: Forgot to vote OPT-IN
  4. TLDR: I don't blame the dev's for lack of perms or lack of response when it comes to griefers. This game like all PVP based PVE games failed at launch when they attracted the griefers to the community. I just won't be playing anymore until these issues get resolved. And regret buying premium time by the year...
  5. 96 woa saddle Cod to Neem please
  6. Can close

    COD Saddles WOA 91 and 81 to Neem please