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  1. Please post your console.playername.log from the wurm folder. Then, disable GLSL support in the compatibility tab.
  2. Try disabling GLSL shaders in the compatibility tab.
  3. Reduce maximum texture size (for player textures and maybe even for regular textures). Might help.
  4. Some things you can try: Set wurm to OpenAL sound engine. Install the pavucontrol package and select the audio output manually. If that does not help, edit /etc/openal/alsoft.conf and add the line (or change remove the # and edit the current one to): drivers = pulse
  5. Try to reduce maximum player texture size and see if that helps, please.
  6. No. Memory on your graphics card is managed in the graphics driver.
  7. Please check out if changing all relevant texture size options to the minimum setting helps: Advanced Graphics tab: * maximum texture size * player texture resolution * reflection quality * terrain / shadow res In case that does not resolve the issue, try if setting graphics - animation quality to low or none has an impact. When you need more texture data at once than you can fit into your video ram, things will get very slow indeed. As the update brought a lot of additional textures, you may have to reduce settings to compensate. Any village with a lot of items can push your graphics card over the tipping point.
  8. Please disable sound and see if it still leaks.
  9. Are you using some sort of proxy or firewall software? If so, try disabling that while downloading packs. Something is modifying your pack file.
  10. Try downloading the pack manually. Fetch http://www.wurmonline.com/packs/graphics.jar , then close the client, and copy it over the existing file in the packs folder. If you continue having problems with packs, please upload a copy of your graphics.jar somewhere (dropbox or some file hoster) so that I can have a look at it.
  11. Are you using a proxy server, some sort of internet filtering? Try downloading the client with a direct connection.
  12. Unfortunately, something got removed from Java7 which LWJGL requires to display a window. The only working solution for now is to use Java 6. See http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/69152-mac-os-x-latest-java-related-update-oracles-java-7-issue/
  13. Try updating your graphics driver; If that does not help, disable Pbuffer support in the compatibility tab.