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  1. I'm interested in 2 gold if you've got it. I'll be on a lot today.
  2. I'd like to buy that 1 gold, 3 silver. I'll try to be on tomorrow evening to catch you on.
  3. Please COD one of those nice compasses to Minobu.
  4. +100 very much want. A glove that could be enchanted for speed or skill gain is also a glove you can stick a rune onto. Recently I stuck a rune on a rake hoping to get better quality from my potato harvest. It didn't work or course. But there are a number of crops that need no tool to harvest that a working glove could affect in this way.
  5. When selling stuff to a deed marker or trader, you can sell a corpse and get 11 iron. But when selling other things, if I recall you can't sell it if the quality is over 60. And I have noticed that there are certain items you just can't sell. What I would like to see is being able to sell anything, any item, regardless of higher quality and get the irons the quality says you should get. Leave the 5 copper per hour limit even though I'd rather that were 10 coppers, but just let us sell anything.
  6. +10! And the same thing for a tabard!
  7. Well, what I call the Freedom Market Road, the path I take from where Ultimarus used to be to Freedom Market, is in many places only 1 tile wide. Fixing that would be a whole lot of work and in places not doable unless a deed owner was doing it.
  8. +1 more walls and more building variety. Marble walls for Roman villas.