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  1. I'm crossposting this issue from the Steam WU Community discussion hub, in hopes of maybe getting the right eyes on the problem here. Prior to this problem, my server was visible to me both in the Internet and LAN tab. We had a change of modem/router in a vain attempt to fix an internet issue on our ISP's part. Redid the relevant ports and managed to get BOTH of our two servers finally showing up on the list. Strangely now, no one on this network can see either server in the Internet list, but it is visible to us in the LAN listing, and people outside the network seem to be able to connect to it normally. My worry here is that it might only be visible to some people, for whatever reason. (The important server in question is Hillbrook Isles - confirmation that it's visible would be appreciated.) Server 1 (Hillbrook Isles) has 27016 UDP, 3725 TCP open, Server 2 has 27017 UDP, 3724 TCP open. 8766 TCP/UDP appears to be inconsequential, but is currently open to the former, Hillbrook Isles. Again, I emphasize that both servers are available to connect to externally, so the ports are indeed working. Attempting to connect to our servers via Connect to IP fails and throws the error "<Connection timed out: connect>". I'm a bit tempted to guess is that the new modem is disallowing internal machines to connect to other internal machines (or themselves) using an external IP or something? I'm not quite network-savvy enough to know what I'd be looking for in my modem/router settings to fix that.
  2. Took a bit of fiddling, but thanks to knowing where the recipe files are supposed to go, we finally got it working on the main server. Thanks so much!
  3. Thanks for this, Sopherino. It's a bit tricky to use in its current state, but it's a LEAP in the right direction. Some in-app documentation would go miles to make it more user-friendly (such as listing the possible IDs for containers and cookers, or mouse-over tooltip explanations of what cstate, pstate, real template, loss, ratio etc. are. Partially related to the application, where is the file supposed to go? We've tried adding the "recipe 1500.json" to basically everywhere, but it seems to refuse to work in-game. Maybe something is wrong with the actual recipe? Wife did up a quick recipe in the application to test it, but still no luck actually adding it to the server.
  4. Apparently, this doesn't seem to be working for adamantine and glimmersteel veins. They appear to be hard-coded (viz. bugged) to have no more than 50 mining actions. Mining a tile with ANY amount above 50 will immediately set the tile's resource count to 49.
  5. Since the question hasn't gotten answered in over a year and it's the top google result for my inquiry about it, a necroposted answer only seems fair. Right-clicking on a cave wall/vein with an Ebony wand activated and selecting Special>Set Data will allow you to change the "Cave resource" number.
  6. I'm playing on a family server, we are no more than five people. I'd like a mod that would allow me to tweak the strength of unique creatures to make them more manageable. We had a troll king pop up in the woods, and at the moment he is unkillable to us. I'd love for him to be a challenging foe to take down as a group. Perhaps a remote way of changing uniques' values (as far as their armor, fight skill, damage output etc. go) that can be configured prior to a server start, so that it could be adjusted for servers of varying populations.
  7. Is there a way to turn off (or mod out) spy protection? Fungus cannot be cast on PvE servers, but changing the server to PvP will prevent characters from more than one kingdom from connecting to the server.
  8. ..\Steam\steamapps\common\Wurm Unlimited\WurmLauncher\packs\graphics.jar contains a file called mappings.txt. Contains all of the model names.
  9. Seems like the easiest way to edit skills (and countless other stuff), unfortunately I basically have zero SQL knowledge or know of any ways to edit the tables.
  10. So, I've got my map files. How do I start a server with them? If I overwrite the files in "Creative" and enter the world, I'm left with a world of swimming mobs, floating sharks and misplaced altars.
  11. Mayors should permanently have control over all gates on their deed. The idea of willingly and indefinitely relinquishing ownership of something on your own deed is ridiculous.
  12. Concerning Nahjo: (Full disclosure: I am a priest of Magranon.) Nahjo is overpowered. Incredible spell set and favored favor items. It would be unfair to the players who have jumped ship and converted to Nahjo to outright nerf them now. I can offer two suggestions: 1) Buff the other gods. More competitive favor gain and spell list. (It probably wouldn't take very much.) 2) Rebalance Nahjo in some way. Offer priests a one-off chance to change their deity without losing their faith (as was offered during the Libila/Wild->Chaos transition).
  13. Very well put, I couldn't agree more. /transfers added value to accounts, and it was never stated they would be removed or changed in such a way to make them significantly less useful. I would guess it would have been a little bit more work to split the code and make /transfers on Chaos different than those on the rest of the Freedom cluster. Wouldn't it work if it simply failed or cancelled the transfer if you tried to switch to Libila on a non-Freedom server?
  14. Check your path leaders. It lists every category as long as there is at least one person of that rank in the cluster. It only lists names of people on your cluster. If a rank is listed but no names are given, there are people on other servers within the cluster of that rank. There don't seem to be any 13th Eidolons. Your best bet is probably finding the current 12th and checking to see when they're ranking up.