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  1. Ok thx for all of the replies. I was thinking of getting 2 more gigs of RAM and installing 64-bit win and 64-bit java and I will see if the performance has changed.
  2. Im not saying the game is bad. Acctually the oposite I really enjoy the gameplay and the survival aspect but what I dont like is its lack of optimisation
  3. I tried turning it off and now its jumping betwen 85-99%. My opinion is wurm is quite badly optimised. It looks like a VERY old game even on max graphics but still requires wast amounts of cpu power and ram I think they should optimise it better... just saying
  4. Hello everyone.I have a Wurm/java problem.The client uses up all of my cpu (that is 100%).I don't know whats the problem . My cpu should be perfectly capable of running wurm. Here are my specs: CPU: AMD Athlon 2 X2 245 (2-core 2.9 ghz) GPU: Nvidia GeForce gt 610 (1gb video memory) RAM: 2gb DDR3 533 mhz I tried runnung the game in minimum graphic option,I tried lowering the resolution turning off animations etc. My cpu still works around 95%-100%. Its really annoying because I can run more modern games without any problems. For example Crysis 2 low-medium on 30-45 fps.If anyone has any idea how I can fix this let me know. I have all the drivers installed and my video drivers are updated.
  5. I tried both solutions and still nothing doesnt seem to work. Everything is the same as it was.
  6. Also when I click details here is what comes up : Error : Failed to validate signing of launch file. The signed version does not match the downloaded version.
  7. Hello everyone. My problem started when I unninstalled wurm from my computer. I was using Revo unninstaller but I don't know if that matters.I was using java 7 and wurm wasn't working . So I simply unninstalled it. I noticed that were some files left in the installation directory. I didnt know what to do so I downloaded java 6 and downloaded a new wurm client. When I start it, it says : ,,Unable to start application''. But when I launched it beforeit said that the client and the files in game were not the same version. So if anyone knows what to do or how to help please tell me .