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  1. well, it seems you meditated about that question and got a RL skilltick. gratz
  2. Thanks for the honest PC Angelklaine - and ofc thanks a bunch for derailing to everybody else.
  3. Pricecheck on two toons. I am not sure if i want to sell atm, but would like to have some means about what they would be worth. 1st one: Priest, Vyn, PoK (50ish skill thing), decent farming(95++) and channeling (88+) https://niarja.com/skill_compare/Wega 2nd: Friztefratz, allrounder, some decent skills, some more decent. Pok (80ish skill thing) https://niarja.com/skill_compare/Herrfritz
  4. Grats Gary!

    I wouldnt mind having a 'Lancegod' around. ^^
  5. i ll put that title on my 'Becket List'
  6. id go with *ming* like the sound it makes if you hit high ql flower pots
  7. just out of curiosity: by how much do rare/supreme cookers/etc. lengthen the timers?
  8. +1 for poll. -1 for style/form: could have asked also: yes (confuse everybody and their friend with shitload of options); no (keep cooking simple) might take a look things like 'response bias' or 'suggestive questions' for more insight. just my two coppers
  9. i plan on joining in. Will probably fiddle a bit with everything i m able to
  10. I really like that down-under Wesley finally got a spin-off series - colonialising space and stuff. *chuckles*
  11. let me do the LooneyMontreal: Berris got all the op-contend. no reason to play anything anymore. Guess it is time to switch sides: i am going for 100 foraging and will choose 'I like Berris' - will be back in a year or two.
  12. i really hope he goes with the title 'op'....