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  1. I propose to end this demagogy. Many men - many minds, and more and still more cases when players behave differently. Stay on freedom if you like.
  2. Hello. It seems that page is not up to date. I suggest adding that to Path of Love answers: lvl title question answer 13 13th Deva What do I really have to fight in myself in order to be a loving person? Envy 14 14th Deva What best describes a business? It provides a service in much need 15 15th Deva What best describes society? A way for people to cooperate in order to reduce overall pain 16 16th Deva Being which of these gives you least friends? annoying 17 17th Deva Which of these will always block love? principles 18 18th Deva Which of these is a side effect of love? vulnerability
  3. Nice twist, lol. You was scared of robbery and I gave you solution. Why do you apply that to pvp players?
  4. On the other hand - you can attack at any time ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Fair play. I think most ppl on freedom are making too much drama around death in PVP and deed raid. Drop your most valueable stuff on toon if you don't want to lose it. Other things can be recreated and rebuilt, skills could be re-grinded with [x3] modifier. Noone will be draining 10k of dirt, mortar and cabbage from raided deed, lol.
  5. Yea. That's why it's cool to cooperate, make new friends and build big deed. Have ppl from different timezones, coordinate online. Also, on homeservers enemy fighting skill is capped. Thus enemy will have 50FS, and 4-5 newcomers with FS barely above 30 should be able to shoot him down.
  6. I think it's kinda "rude" description. Black market are dupes, or other sort of things obtained by exploiting game bugs. Why have you chosen such wording?
  7. Are NFI completely separated from rest game? I played only on epic, and when logged my acc to Chaos, I was able to see my bank there. Come to JK/Serenity. We have cookies stuff to do.
  8. Another proposal is to do a meditation skills revamp for epic. Because last 2 abilities on all paths are basically the same. Was that lack of imagination at devs' office?
  9. I'd say "Not only to attract players but to keep them active on servers" Given that affinities are stolen (or obtained for kills in pvp), players who kill mosy will get 2x boost in affinities. IMO it might me imbalanced. Maybe points could be awarded for cleaning valrei stuff like sons of nogumps, eaglespirits, uttachas, deathcrawlers etc..
  10. Yea, with current Epic population, I think there is no need for any top-level mathematic with skill transfer. Just transfer them "as is".
  11. Here are some things that came to my mind just now: Open Epic to all other world. Make it accessible via boats from freedom (and vice-versa) and call it, erm.. Eastern Epic Isles. Or something like that. Remove or rather severely "Flatten" the curve, so empty servers wil still attract ppl from freedom - deed building, mining, explorations, new faces, grinding. Though in return for "new" curve they would become vulnerable before any PVP happening. No pain - no gain.
  12. I'm paying real moneys for 2+ years with my bank card. Will I get a copy of Wurm Offline on my Steam account? Thx in advance for your reply.
  13. Picture containing Macbook and iPad is ok?
  14. Maybe tweak meditation on Epic? More PvP focused features, or not random ammount of ticks per day, at least. The ideal situation is: once that you've reached lvl.9/10/11 in one path, you will be able to switch to other path faster, without having to wait full time. In the end it could possibly create much better situation. Look, now, ppl are eager to get SOTG. In some time, lots of PvP player would be using it, then suddenly some whine would happen, and SOTG will be nerfed/changed/et.c. Then other feature (probably) could become 'must have' for PvP, and I dunno what exactly. Maybe If we 'equate' features of meditation paths to some kind of 'battle tricks', like an ambush, or dropping dirt under a boat to stop it, ppl would be more flexible in PvP, thus providing better game experience for all players.
  15. I see you guys like last sentence. But what about first one? To me it looks not so formal. Maybe starting %date%, I will no longer provide technical support due to ... would be more formal and a bit better?