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  1. Wurm Unlimited Announcement

    I'm paying real moneys for 2+ years with my bank card. Will I get a copy of Wurm Offline on my Steam account? Thx in advance for your reply.
  2. Stock photos of men with apples

    Picture containing Macbook and iPad is ok?
  3. General Balance Discussion

    Maybe tweak meditation on Epic? More PvP focused features, or not random ammount of ticks per day, at least. The ideal situation is: once that you've reached lvl.9/10/11 in one path, you will be able to switch to other path faster, without having to wait full time. In the end it could possibly create much better situation. Look, now, ppl are eager to get SOTG. In some time, lots of PvP player would be using it, then suddenly some whine would happen, and SOTG will be nerfed/changed/et.c. Then other feature (probably) could become 'must have' for PvP, and I dunno what exactly. Maybe If we 'equate' features of meditation paths to some kind of 'battle tricks', like an ambush, or dropping dirt under a boat to stop it, ppl would be more flexible in PvP, thus providing better game experience for all players.
  4. Writing farewell letter - need your advice

    I see you guys like last sentence. But what about first one? To me it looks not so formal. Maybe starting %date%, I will no longer provide technical support due to ... would be more formal and a bit better?
  5. Ey fellow wurmians! Leaving my current employer soon, so I was thinking about writing neutral farewell letter. Grammar corrections and advices are appreciated. It is going to be something like: Dear colleagues, from %date%, I won't provide technical support anymore due to reduction of personnel. In case of technical problems - suffer. Any corrections/advices?
  6. Unable to remove planned roof

    no fence at all! I'm trying to remove wooden plans for 4th floor
  7. Started building clay shingle roof by accident. Planned all tiles, but when I realized that it would be higher than I supposed, I've decided to remove it. Now I can't do that. I receive either: [] Removing that would cause a collapsing section. [] This would cause a section of the structure to crash down since it lacks support.
  8. News Update: Work and Progress. Week 17

    And this
  9. Song from your country

  10. Meditation & Magic

    You should just join PvP server. As soon as PvE players disappear we are free to do any suggestions without having huge impact on split community.
  11. Goodbye, Elevation.

    Any map dump like it was with Affliction?
  12. EPIC Art

    Oh, yeah, sorry. I thought that pics were attached to post, like, from some internal forum gallery. Doublechecked posts and found out that they were just likned from imgur. Thank you.