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  1. Potions/Bloods

    mbox 1,5s each can convert to potions if u prefer (76 ns skill)
  2. Archaeology, add plank fragments

    I would also vote for exchanging arrow shafts for plank fragments
  3. Rare Strange Bone

  4. Rare Strange Bone

  5. Potions/Bloods

  6. Lots of rare(supreme) items

  7. Rare Strange Bone

  8. Potions/Bloods

    Also here some cleaning is needed Offering those Potions/bloods Post your offers bellow or in pm: Weaponsmith blood sold Fletching Potions Sold Ropemaker Potions sold Potion of Leatherworking sold
  9. Lots of rare(supreme) items

    Hi all, time to do some cleaning If u find something interesting here just offer price pm me items will be coded or u need to pick them up on my deed: Independence Foggy Valley H18 in-game map. rare long bow sold both rare iron axes sold Rare Vynora Statuette sold Rare Lantern sold Rare Plate Sabaton, Steel sold Rare Breastplate, Steel sold Rare Leather Glove sold 25 & 76ql Longsword sold 26 & 67ql 2h sword sold 12ql & 70ql Small anvil sold 84ql butchering knife sold trowel sold
  10. WTS Smoke Of Sol - Sold can close

    Bump still for sale
  11. Rare Strange Bone

    Bump still for sale
  12. Rune to change metal type

    maybe it could only roll in same metal types that we have in archeology now: so metal to random metal, alloy to random alloy, and moonmetal to random moonmetal.Then i wouldn't be game-breaking. And as use it can be electrum rune since we still have lots of free uses there.