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  1. [15:05:24] The items silently disappear from the spirit house. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. Have fun with them
  2. I just love that suggestion it would benefit alot that i no longer would need to use wagons full of rafts/satchels for all those fragments
  3. Honestly? What risk is to grind skill on highly protected deed?
  4. Let me be first this time . Saddly would be better if we would know how those skills transfer scale. And sad thing we dont see fix for decayed rift wood/stone on jackal there is noone left.
  5. Now u should pray for mission that will spawn weta's before the update.
  6. Yes absolutely adding them Large saddles would be ideal. Also got many time problem with wandering off weta's. Also Bridles would be perfect for QoL.
  7. No that will allow only dig resources so (clay/tar/peat/moss) and nothing else check permissions
  8. Just a little tough : u can set permission to dig clay to anyone so it would make it accessible for all
  9. I would say that points looks nice as reward of finishing rifts. But mobs should still have that tinny rng chance to drop items too. Before it was rng drop on death of mobs + rng drop of items on end of rift based on participation. That rng chance to drop was a point into being more active during rift (killing champs). Also random shoulder pad is 600 points and being pretty active in a last indie rift 206 contribution gave me only 321 points (my wife's 66 points went as 165 points) so not enought for any item from 2 hour long rift. So yes those rewards are kinda low. And from the look of indie rift LoF priests can still get lots of points. 1-st place still go to LT priest. also 4-th (also keep in mind not much ppl had any wounds during that rift so they didn't receive healing)
  10. Central indie h19 u can set highway system for "Totebo" it's like 60-70 tiles east of it
  11. i'm at 94% so just give me some time to check my list