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  1. drake;set

    Item Sold can be closed
  2. Hello since i'm using now scale i wanted to sell my old Green Drake Set (without cap) as a replace i add 80ql steel Great Helm. Chest piece is rare. All parts are 93ql except Steel helmet(80ql). All drake pieces have 10% dmg reduction runes on it. (steel vynora one) I would like to have 90e for that set. Paypal verifed.
  3. Also huge +1 from me
  4. They would overtake the world map then. If 0 decay then at last on deed only. btw anyone got something useful out of wooden fragment or it's peg,arrow shaft, tenon only?
  5. if u still didn't get it i can sell u. U can contact me here or ingame as Cybaru
  6. I noticed that all monster summoned by summoner upon dead shows as butchered corpses.
  7. Thx guys for help with pc. I'm completely not in hurry. I really like my char, tho as i mentioned if i would get really high offer i might consider selling. Since there were noone i will work some more on it.
  8. Hi i wanted to know how much my main character is worth. Feel free to post your idea's about pricing. Also if i would get some insane offer i might consider selling it. That character have no valerei charges Enlightened path of knowledge (25% skill gain) for this pc let's say it have no items , and no prem time and have 30714 karma niarja link:
  9. +1 Yes that would be very good option. I think 3 months is also good timer for change them. Ofc completed ones stay.
  10. pm send
  11. Nice Gumbo gz for a catch
  12. 11 throws against a horse i would say it don't work
  13. Very well prepared event. Thx for making it public