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  1. Are you using 32 bit java? Trying installing the 64 bit version.
  2. Check your max dirt height under "Drop Dirt". It will only set your max to however high your dirt is (should still be adding snow to the top though). So, the "Around Water" checkbox actually changes how the min/max height input fields work. If it's checked, it will offset the heights based on the water height. So with 300/600 min/max, and water height of 500, you're actually seeding the biome at heights of 200-1100. So, [water-min, water+max]. Does that make sense? That way you don't actually have to remember the water height, and can seed stuff directly below/above the water easily. Thanks
  3. You type that in the command window in the same folder as the file you downloaded. If you're on windows, you can shift+right click the folder and select "Open command window here". The 4096m specifies how much memory you're allowing it to use. Since you have a lot, you can give it something like 16gb, so the command would become: "java -Xmx16g -jar WGenerator.jar". These parameters have to be specified before launching the program.
  4. There are some tooltips on the input labels that may help out in explaining. Basically you will click a spot on the map to plant the seed, instead of randomly generating them all across the map. The generation is still based on the input variables, like size and density. Make sure to check your max slope and min/max height, as they will determine what is a valid location to grow. The default values for the biomes should give you some visual results, assuming you're clicking on grass, and not a cliff or something.
  5. I've updated the program to Wurm 1.4, adding the new orange tree, bushes, and sandstone and rocksalt. I haven't messed with it in awhile so let me know if anything is broken.
  6. Looks like a problem with your "config/biome_values.txt" file. Have you made changes to it? If you're trying a fresh download, you might delete the /map and /config folders before running it to see if that fixes it. So the biomes appear in the generator (with all the different colors), just not when you go to run the game with the new .map files?
  7. The .map files are all that you need. The image files are just for the generator program.
  8. Looks like kelp and grass had the same rgb. Kelp should be (54,101,2) and grass (54,101,3) now.
  9. The reason there's an undo instead of cancel is because it's trying to preserve the random number generator so it always comes out the same. But from what I've seen it's never exactly alike. The fastest way to reload biomes is to first export the biomes once you're happy with them, then next time you can import that image file. If you still like to do the actions, you can actually edit the actions text file and manually remove actions you don't want in there to speed it up (just remove the line of text). Yeah, the map api is generating the .map files, not the map generator. I'll look into it.
  10. Redownload, I've added Mycelium (71,2,51) to the import list now. Are you checking the coordinates while in topographic mode? It's the top-down mode that's a lot more accurate than the default isometric view.
  11. 1) All the trees are read in with (41,58,x) value 2) Bushes changed to (58,58,x) to tell them apart from trees 3) Cliff is a tile type in the API and I was asked to include it (even though it doesn't get auto generated) 4) http://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Mycelium 5) No, biome map is separate You might check which version you're using, and see if it's the latest. I know the bushes used to have similar values to trees, but they were updated.
  12. Load/Save actions records the actions you do, and tries to replay them in the same order (essentially reloading your project). A faster way is to save your heightmap and biome image files and reimport those, you'll just have to drop dirt again.
  13. There's no way to just update the dirt because you'd have to dig out the existing dirt. When you generate rivers, it alters the original height map that the dirt drop is based on, requiring a new dirt drop. You can uncheck the auto-drop if you want to generate a bunch of rivers, or drop a 1-dirt layer for a quick preview if you need to.
  14. The around water makes it easy, just put the max to 0 and it will all be under water. That's what it's made for Also per the previous post, I fixed the kelp color to be different than grass.
  15. Thought I had fixed that but I guess it was reed that was also the same. Kelp is now (54,101,2) Kelp can exist above the water line I believe. The biome import doesn't actually use the water line to determine biomes, just the rgb values.