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  1. All my drivers are updated it seems it happens to just the open fireplace ALOT and i have to relog to fix the issue
  2. Ive been grinding up my fine carpentry and masonry to build some of the fancy/cool looking decorations you can put in your house well ive noticed that quite often the open fireplace i built seems to become invisible but is still able to be interacted with, as with tables and chairs but not so often Just thought i should let people know this is a thing unless it was already known
  3. Or atleast make it possible for GM's to move said abandoned ships out of the way of villages trying to build, im not to sure how that would impact PVP in anyway shape or form
  4. ^ its similar to my idea of letting a GM know that a ship has been abandoned, since they can look up a players info and when they were last online I tried to use the salvage rule while it was still in the game on exodus, but i was denied ownership of the boats because the players have been on with i think it was the past 2-3 months Its not like the rule made it unfair to the owners of the ships or anything, im just confused as to why it was removed in the first place
  5. I for one think the salvage rule should be reindicted, even on the epic cluster, especially if the owner no longer plays (ex.logged off for over a year) anything that player owns that another comes across should be able to easily get access to that said item, its not like the player is still trying to make it so said item is not being stolen anymore Its just a personal opinion of mine that could help the waters of wurm have less clutter of abandoned ships, or the lands having abandoned homes that are incredibly difficult to access/remove Just putting that out there
  6. Im having trouble placing floors inside the writ anything in particular that i need to do to allow floors to be placed?
  7. Exo is up and running better than ever Good job guys
  8. Minor Status Update

    Luckily The server time stopped after the first day of downtime so your animals should be fine and usually what i need done is easily done, when there are more than just one person working on them...... oh well i play solo gotta do everything on my own
  9. Bored out of my dammed mind.....

  10. Minor Status Update

    well hopefully we only have a few more hours left of downtime then we can finally play wurm again Ive thought up alot of things that i needed done during the downtime and now the wait is killing me because i want to get them done ASAP, and since im a solo player, thats gonna take some time gathering what i need.....
  11. Route Blocked

    Damn Seems like we are gonna be outta wurm for alot longer than i hoped, well maybe after i get home from work in 13 hours it will be fixed and good to go
  12. Game Hickup

    that infact is not the reason the reason all post are being linked here is because its an official post by Rolf, not just someone who is asking "wth, why can i get on" Sorry to all of you if im coming off as an ass, im just a bit tired and somewhat annoyed i could not finish getting what i needed done tonight done
  13. Game Hickup

    If you made an entire new post, it was removed due to many of the same topics being created, ofc all centering around the mass server downtime, so instead of letting the forums get clustered with post all about the same topic, the GM's lock and link this post in that one to prevent them from becoming a nusiance to people who would still regularly use the forums Its like a clean up really