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  1. This wasn't a "short time" as far as I can see. It was like this since I started playing. And it isn't from a pile, it is from my inventory, so I question the correctness of this response.
  2. I looked and asked around, and didn't hear anything about this being reported yet. I am seeing a problem dragging items into the weapon racks that I used to be able to drag into them before. I can't store things like a needle or trowel in them any longer, getting the message that it doesn't fit. The same rack could currently have the item in it, and if I drag it out, then try to place it back in, it gives the same error again. I'm unaware if this is a "bug" or some kind of "fix" or whatever, but I am just trying to find out what is up with it. Can anyone fill me in?
  3. SOLD --------------------------------- Looking to sell 2k mortar. 5s total for the lot. I am able to setup a delivery or if you are close and want to pick up that can be arranged as well. It is currently at Annex on Exo server, x11 y29. Can PM here or message in game for faster response.
  4. Wts 2K Mortar.

    Title says it all. Looking to sell 2k mortar. Asking standard price of 3s/1k. I am located at southwest exo in the town of Annex. x11 y29. Can arrange a pickup meet, or a delivery if needed. PM here or message me in game.
  5. Yeah it's under her name with the manage option and all that. I don't have manage. We cross the server then she doesn't have manage anymore but I do. I am captaining at the time and shes passenger.
  6. I seem to be encountering an issue where when I cross server lines, I am getting ownership of the boat I am sailing. I am piloting and the owner is riding as a passenger. After the zone through I suddenly have manage capability and she does not anymore. I didn't take notice to this being mentioned elsewhere. Happened crossing from exo to indie twice since the most recent patch.
  7. A high iron fence gate at the entrance to one of our forts. And here is some low rope fencing around the border of the trees in the fort courtyard. And agreed so far from what I've experienced too on the farming and light, but overall I love the new additions as well. They are very well designed and aesthetically pleasing.
  8. Might be interested, they look great! Are there any more stats on those? I didn't notice anything posted about it.