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  1. +1 Collisions I want to be able to put a spoon, knife, fork, and candle on a table. It looks good. Let me have a nice looking house. Guard towers -should- have collision. If people exploit the face that towers are basically ghosts and design a deed around that, either tough luck, or let them be pushed/pulled up to a few tiles from their origin to allow movement but stop them from being pushed too far away from their current spot. +1 Jumping If we have collisions, I want to be able to jump onto a FSB and poke bears in the face. It would feel good to be able to climb around, or somehow make elevated pathways worth jumping around on. Jumping in combat immediately causes a debuff in combat to prevent stupid jump spam. -1 For fence jumping Unless you can implement a check to see if your current targeted fence has a house attached at some point and denies fence jumping on freedom servers if it fails the check. Standard deed laws, etc. apply. +1 Flying Mobs Dragons should not be penned up like cows awaiting the slaughter. Players shouldn't be riding them, they're giant creatures far too powerful to be controlled by man. They're legendary uniques, not pet dogs.
  2. Thanks again, it looks great.
  3. COD a brown bear rug to Mikhos if you have one available. Thank you. :3
  4. Rare plate leggings 4.47 quality. Asking 7s. PM me here on forums or in game. I'm located at Norskloch at the great northwest lake on Inde.
  5. More day to day clothes and especially dyable clothing/armor needs to happen. Vanity is a huge part of RPGs.
  6. This looks wonderful. Living in the far NW kind of means I'll never drop by and use it, but public buildings like these are great.
  7. I think a buildable bulletin board for a town would be kind of nice to have as a resource for those in a town not knowing what to do who may not be in the same time zone, etc.
  8. Some of these are really hard to think of.... Throwing- 50 Tosser Hurler , 70 Peltast, 90, Olympian Fighting 50 - Soldier could be replaced with Fighter, a more generic title. Hammer 50 - Hammerer 70 Shovel 50 - Hauler, 70 - Dirtsmith, 90 - Doug Stone Chisel 50 - Clinker, 70 - Stonesmith, 90 - Chiseled Two handed Sword 50 - Great Bladesman Traps 50 - Trapper Weaponless : 50 Brawler 70 Martial Artist 90 Pugilist Small Metal Shield: 50 Swashbuckler Aggressive Fighting 50 - Angry, 70 Violent, 90 Frenzied
  9. Thanks for the updates, guys. I'm glad you can learn the mistakes of others like Cube World ; being open and transparent with your user base is one of the best things you can be.
  10. This is clearly a regional problem. In the openness of far NW Inde, there's never a shortage of evil, evil creatures waiting to smash my skull in. I think player population of certain regions is the big factor.
  11. Renadel – 14x 10y has been defunct for years now. I settled it in early '11 and it went dead around early '12. Norsklock – 13x 12y spelling correction - The deed's proper name is Norskloch. It is also home to a guard tower. -- Thank you in advance for continuing this map, it is invaluable.
  12. Lighting, especially in caves. At several tiles' distance, lampposts are useless.
  13. This would leave epic portals useless and inferior to a plain bed.