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  1. Horse turned over to Darmalus, issue resolved.
  2. Found a horse cared for by Twigg, if anyone knows Twigg please have him contact me in some fashion, I have kchat off most of the time these days so a PM or forum message would be best. Thanks.
  3. The only reasonable solution is to make a storage alt army, since development is impeded by craniums lodged in orifices. That is until the staff gets "ambitious" and decides to make inventory decay a thing. If there's one thing Wurm needs, it's more tedious babysitting of item decay.
  4. If all of these changes are supposed to account for the loss of my fountain pans, then why can't I just keep my fountain pans anyways?
  5. This game is full of items that can no longer be obtained without direct purchase, either you're too inexperienced, or too willfully stupid to acknowledge that. So should we get rid of everything no new player can gain through their own effort? Sure, at this point it's hard to care much about decisions that dictate the way this game is going. They've allowed an economy to grow for years off of this unintentional exploit, and did nothing, until it became a political move to do so. Yes, it is political, somehow scores of people think they're robbed by not having a fountain of capacity they payed out the ass for sitting in a chest. Of course I should've done the smart thing and just made an alt army, 1 month premium with a referral isn't bad, but of course that goes into CCAB's pocket, not the private owner. They're squeezing every last drop out of this game before is withers and dies.
  6. The stuff you're doing to compensate for fountain pan removal are features that should have always been incorporated; don't pretend you're doing us any favors, it's insulting.
  7. Is that splash screen on the video Dickard Gere? Well done. It's good to see you making content again, it's one of the best ways to help the game.
  8. There were times I would play this game literally all my waking day (while unemployed). Now I probably log ~10 hours a week, give or take. Part of my leisure is because I have some fairly high skills, so I'm not constantly worrying about things decaying. Decay is the most worrying aspect of this game, but it's understandable for the DB.
  9. Geno, I didn't get to know you for as long as I'd have liked to, but in the time I've known you, it's been good. I've respected your hustle, it was legit even when people would whine otherwise. You pissed some good friends of mine off, but I still couldn't bring myself to dislike you. You're a great personality to have around, and you played the game for what it is - a game. You're a polarizing figure, love or hate, and Deli's going to be a quieter place without you. You will be missed, even by your enemies. Happy trails, my friend.
  10. Yeah, that's always a painful one to see. I can understand the cost must have been significant, but it still sucks. Nice job with the video guys, keep 'em coming!
  11. This would inevitably be applied to PvE servers as well, and it'd almost completely destroy those servers. Very few new players would ever stick around.
  12. There is no server so densely packed you can't live in the middle of nowhere if you want. What you're most likely doing is following roads, where players like to settle around. Those roads were made by players. Walk into the woods a few hundred tiles and you'd be surprised... then build a road to your new deed.
  13. Yes, it's the trade mechanics that forced you to attempt to rip someone off! Well said! Just as a heads up to players though, fraud through the mail IS protected in the rules (at least at one point it was). I had a GM tell me to send something CoD for an arranged oral agreement on a sale once and only THEN would it be protected. A ridiculous fee, but very minor in the grand scheme of the ridiculousness that can be Wurm. Any trade involving mail IS protected.