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  1. Hi After the last Graphic change of Hens and Chickens I realised, that something changed it their "lifestyle". Before any changes, I was trying to breed Hens. Old players were telling me, that it's very hard to multiply them, but I did it. First I cought 1 Hen and I cared about it much. Feeding, grooming etc. She started to lay eggs. Soon after that I had 2 Hens. Everything was in a good way to multiple them more. Both of them were laying eggs. I had about 20 eggs after 2 weeks, they started to decay, and 1 chicken have born. It reached "Adolescent Fat Chicken", and then the second chicken have born. I still had about 16 eggs left. And then the patch came, where the Hens and Chickens graphic changed. After that Hens stopped laying eggs. They are still on the same tiles, eating the same seeds and I am keeping them in perfect shape all the time, but they didn't lay ANY egg since then. From 16 eggs I have 2 now, almost decayed, without any chicken born (but that is ok I think, because that's a lottery). Also I think that chickens have stopped growing. The younger chicken reached the same state "Adolescent Fat Chicken", and they doesn't seem to plan changing to Hens. Ah, and I keep Hens and Chickens separated. Hens have like 10 tiles of free space, and Chickens 4 tiles. All of them are kept on the grass. Were there any changes made except graphics? Thanks in advance
  2. Dirt

    I have 6k dirt on Independence (28x 31y). I may have more soon, up to 10k. Price 1s/1k, no delivery.
  3. Hi, I'd like to report a small bug. While creating concrete from lye and mortar, I realised that sometimes the progress bar doesn't appear. The action works fine, after creating time it finishes, stamina bar reacts, and concrete is made. But the progress bar is not moving, and not showing the action name and time. It was happening to me once on every 3-5 actions. Thanks
  4. Selling >> Mortar & Dirt << On Independence

    Sorry, but as I wrote, I'm not delivering.
  5. Selling >> Mortar & Dirt << On Independence

    Please leave me messages with orders, to let me prepare enough mortar for everyone
  6. Selling >> Mortar & Dirt << On Independence

    I have another 1,5k mortar to sell !!!
  7. Hi I am making mortar to sell on Independence. Price is 2,5s per 1k. For now i have about 1-2k. If someone needs more, I can make it. Just leave me a msg. I also have 5k dirt to sell. Price is 1s/1k I am not delivering at this moment, because I don't have much time. I live at Brotherland at 31y 28x Independence. West from Rockcliff Horizons.
  8. Looking For A Job As A Panfiller

    Need a job again
  9. Hi, I am looking for a job as a panfiller. I have some practice, about 15k pans filled. I am interested in job on every (non-PVP) server, i can make new chars only to work, if someone has 10k+ pans to fill. For now I have chars on Independence and Exodus. The price depends on amount, and how much ingredients you want me to put in 1 pan. With 2 ingredients: 1-3k pans costs 1,5s/1k 10k+ costs 1,2s/1k With 4 ingredients: 1-3k pans costs 2s/1k 10k+ costs 1,5s/1k I can fill up to 3k pans in one day, 1k takes about 30mins to fill and 30mins to empty after cooking. I need at least 500-1k pans, I don't want to fill 100 and wait for you to cook them. I need a cart with 10 backpacks near the forge, where you will prepare meat fillets for me, and after cooking i will put meals there. I prefer one kind of meat, for faster filling. Of course food storage bin with veggies should stay near the forge also. I think thats all, if u have any questions just leave me a prv message.