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  1. Thoughts On The Wurm Economy

    A big part of the problem is that items generally never get removed from the market, as they can always be improved/enchanted again and again... What we're lacking is a system that removes items from circulation after a period of time/use - to be clear I'm not suggesting that your Knarr should suddenly RNG explodes while you're sailing, but once you improve it to 50QL and click a "finish" button, it can only ever go down in QL and be repaired via the repair skill until its no longer useful. Once its no longer useful we should have some kind of salvage skill that will allow us to salvage/deconstruct already built items to recover a portion of the build materials. Something like this: Add "Unfinished" versions of all items that represent the item while it is being crafted, and Item is only finished when its maker clicks a "finished" button. An item is unusable until it is "finished" when it is turned into the regular version of that item An item, say an "Unfinished Pickaxe" is crafted and improved to 70QL The "Unfinished Pickaxe" is then enchanted with WOA/COC 80 The maker then needs to click a "Finish" menu option that turns the "Unfinished Pickaxe" into just a regular usable "70QL 80WOA/COC Pickaxe" once this is done, it only ever be repaired via repair skill, and never improved/enchanted again Add a new deconstruction/salvage skill that allows us to breakdown items into a portion of their materials with a random roll chance to also receive some kind of RARE enchant gem(this could be anything a special hammer handle, or faster boat keel or whatever) that can be used when creating a new "Unfinished" item with superior stats Now lets say our Pickaxe from step 4 gets worn down to 48QL, and we're not happy with it anymore, we deconstruct it, and get a little iron/wood back and if we're really lucky, we get a +5 Speed Pickaxe head(only attainable if an item is over X days old or has X uses or somesuch to prevent farming of new low ql items). Return to step 2 and build a new weapon all over again - a rare/unique/stat boosted one if you were lucky enough to salvage a rare item. This would result in turn over of items on a few different levels, you'd eventually HAVE to cycle through items, and boats would eventually have a market again, as they would eventually decay to the point of only being useful as salvage.There would also be those who would go out and collect items for the sole reason of deconstruction maybe not so much for the prospect of recovering a little iron, but for the chance at gaining a rare item for their next tool/boat/weapon/armor.
  2. Ore veins distribution (Xanadu)

    I'm nowhere near Esteron, so I can't speak specifically to that area. What I can tell you is that you're likely to find other ores mixed in as you expand your mine. Its likely that you'll have 1 or 2 ores that are dominant, but there *usually* are other types of ores mixed into the area. Its not guaranteed that you'll find one of each vein in a particular area, but I'd be surprised to hear that after mining 200-300 tiles all you have is iron and lead.
  3. Plan for a Plan

    Items of interest that I could come up with top of my head: Connectivity to WO servers via the WU client Reduce the cost of Silver Coins Fix Xanadu's Creature Spawns Increased ship/cart/wagon speed More options for Walls/Items/Fences/Furniture Revisit the required materials for Walls and Items A method to change Walls to Windows and vice-versa Saddlebags for horses Boat Docks Boat cargo holds that are accessible from a wider area on and around the boat Loading Animals into larger boats for transport A practical method to create/destroy clay/marsh tiles
  4. Arched Walls - Materials Required

    If you read the description of either large or small nails, you'll notice that each "Nail" is actually a handful of nails, not just 1 nail per item - the description reads as follows for large/small nails: "About ten iron nails, each one long as your hand." "About ten iron nails, each as long as a grown man's thumb." So the opening actually uses 5 boards and 10 nails, which = 2 nails per board, which probably doesn't meet building code in MOST places - having said that, I'd also have no problem with the openings requiring 2 more boards, 2 shafts and another handful of nails for the ladder... A materials revisit for all walls/floors wouldn't be the worst thing ever, and I'm more than willing to have some types be adjusted up if necessary, while the crazier ones like the arched walls get adjusted down. Don't misunderstand my suggestion/request this isn't a me looking for easy mode or over-simplification, I haven't played this game for 5 years because of how easy it is - I've stuck around because of how hard it is most of the time. I just figured that with the many QOL improvements that we've seen in the most recent patches that it would be NICE if some of the older material requirements - especially those concerning housing were revisited and balanced out a little better... I'd also be on board with modifying walls into windows into walls with some bricks and mortar or chiseling out a window, good idea, you should make that one its own suggestion post too.
  5. Digging Down Clay = Bad Idea

    I remember it working like this in 2010/11, I always had a few extra dirt on me to bring the tile back up, and it wasn't that big a deal....
  6. Arched Walls - Materials Required

    I'm not saying it has to 100% make sense, I'm giid with only bricks and mortar for brick walls and only boards and nails for wooden ones... But some of the newer construction items like a floor with an opening use 1/2 the number of boards as a normal floor. It would be nice if othet things like arched walls did the same... Ideally something along the lines of 20 items per wall, 15 per window and 10 per arch would go a long way. I'd honestly still be happy with just lowering the arch requirements to 10!
  7. Seeing as we're getting quite a few bug fixes, and other QOL adjustments, I thought I'd bring this topic up again.... Arched Walls use a full 20 bricks/boards/whatever to construct, could that please be lowered to say 10 to better reflect the rather large opening in said walls.
  8. General Balance Discussion

    Arched Walls should be reduced to 10 instead of 20 Planks/Bricks/Mortar Floorboards should be reduced to 10 planks to align with regular floors A way to deal with Marsh other than floor boarding over it then destroying the floor boards to turn it to dirt would open up a lot of currently useless coastline A way/tool/process to deal with rock/clay/marsh that is too deep would be great
  9. Bridge screenshots

    Here are some very small bridges over our new on deed river
  10. [Deli] 48hr Auction - Glenden Wood Deed

    Congrats Drakeling, you win with 44s! Thanks to all who bid!
  11. [Deli] 48hr Auction - Glenden Wood Deed

    9hrs to go bump!
  12. [Deli] 48hr Auction - Glenden Wood Deed

    24 hours to go bump!
  13. [Deli] 48hr Auction - Glenden Wood Deed

    Thank you for the kind words =D
  14. Glenden Wood in SE Deli is on the Auction Block, all the details I could think to add are below, Start Bid: 35s Increments: 1s Reserve: None Location: 46X 29Y SE Deliverance The deed is 37 by 31 and has upkeep for 98 days Features: -4 tier deed with Lakeside Docks(Mystic Lake) -Trader -Mailbox(28) -Knowledge and Productivity Bonus 2.5% -Very Large Mine -29 Iron, 20-99ql -2 Silver, 80-94ql -1 Copper, 60-79ql -14 Zinc, 20-94ql -19Slate, 20-94ql -Buildings -House + 2 Guest Houses(on 4th tier) -Inn, Foundry, Warehouse, Guest Vila(on 3rd tier) -Cattle Pens and 2 storage buildings/stables(on 2nd tier) -Shipyards, Dock Stroage, Breeding Pens, Horse/Pens Stables(on 1st tier - at dock/water level) -Vyn and Mag altars -Colossus Offshore at Night From the Docks From the Top Down Tier 1, Shipyards/Dockyards Tier 1, Horse Pens/Garden/Stables Tier 2, Gardens/Cattle Pens Tier 3, Foundry, Inn, Mine Entrance, Warehouses Tier 4, House and Guest Houses
  15. Xanadu Map

    Highway added to the West of Glenden Wood @ F10