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  1. Dadd selling

    THANKS TO ALL DADD IS SOLD Cheers to all Dadd
  2. Dadd selling

    Latest bid, Well my bid if 3250 still stands cheers dadd
  3. Dadd selling

    Replied: 2 hours ago ยท Report 3.1k eur Stands at 3,100 Euros .
  4. Dadd selling

    ah well, 2.6k euro bid then Received today @ 9.52pm just saw your action on the forum. you can consider my offer as 3k on it ..... Then i received this. So this bidding stands at 3,000 , ( 3k) Euro Cheers Dadd
  5. Dadd selling

    i start off with 2,500 eur This offer was posted today .
  6. Dadd selling

    Dadd is selling dadd he is a grand dadd. : Like always in auctions i will accept the best offer and the conditions of that offer. Action will run for 10 days, as of 16/11/2016. All bids are to be in Euros , The account comes with nothing unless the buyer wishes to purchase scale , mauls etc I wont place starting bids or restrictions on this sale , and will take private bids but i have the right to disclose them without the bidders name if they want to stay unknown. SOLD thanks to all Cheers Dadd CLOSE PLEASE>
  7. Price Check on Dadd,,,,skills are a bit old but close enough,,, Thanks Egard,. I have a offer for 2.5k atm and will make my mind up in a week what to do. I have a few other accounts all priests , Vyn and Fo. And years of bloody crap from scale to drake armour to many tools and weapons. Cheers to those with help put a price on this old account. I hope to place this account on the market in app 2 weeks. Cheers Dadd
  8. Hi please send Cod to dadd...if still for sale. whetstone, QL100 BOTD99: 3s 57c hammer, BOTD100: 3s 78c pelt, QL100 BOTD97: 3s 32c Thanking you, Cheers dadd
  9. If you get a few high 90 ql whetstones with high 90 coc, yell out please will buy at going rate. cheers dadd.
  10. Interesting as one of my main grips with Wurm and the changes , ( good or bad ) seem to be friendly pressure put on the powers to be to make selfish changes cause it effects one or two players in certain situations. I for one have so many now useless items that have been nerfed due to selfish players with their own agendas. ( i dont think i am alone with this ) 'so i do agree with most who see a lot of changes as selfish win at all costs ones,, and the Devs and gms wonder why most dont trust changers or why they are implemented. Then the icing on the cake is all the hassles and bit,ching that the changes make . I do feel pity for those that make changers as its like a dog turd in your lunch box,, never a good thing, outcome that will stink for some. As an oldish player please dont make changers cause of few of you so called friends beg and plead with you , make them with the betterment of the game in mind not just be liked by a few. THE GAME IS BIGGER THAN ANY ONE PERSON. Cheers Dadd
  11. Yeah Gavin you are as new as i am LOL> come on mate step up. This is close to the best thread i have read on Wurm so many great ideas, and keeping on topic. Break the selling of in game $ to real $ , yes its nice to do but lets keep the money in game as long as we can. Banning of players will bring back a few ,, i have heard some have already been allowed back? It would be interesting to know how many players ( and alts) play Wurm to make money? As for myself i play Wurm for my pleasure and entertainment, helping others and using Wurm as my relaxation. Perhaps the Devs and Gms could be a little more understanding of how grey most rules seem to be with mechanics changing and opening up more grey areas, but over all i have to say Wurm is looking better. Ayes your post above is perfect saying openly what a lot think but knowing the numbers will troll it, well done. Cheers Dadd
  12. WTB Gems

    As title , wanting to buy gems . Server Indy , payment in silvers Cheers Dadd
  13. WTB Gems

    As title , wanting to buy gems . Server Indy , payment in silvers, mainly looking for low ql ,, Cheers Dadd
  14. Hi , Will you take in game silver? If so how much for the lot ? Cheers dadd