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  1. This morning I tried to log into my game, I had to wait for a new update. Once it was finished, my game I have been playing for WEEKS is gone. This is crazy. Is this going to happen every time there is an update? Loose all my game play for several months?
  2. Nothing

    It doesn't matter. I would not have been read anyway.
  3. I have a large deed for sale. As of today Jan 3, 2016 The size of Hammerfell is 27 by 41. The upkeep will last approximately 395 days, 9 hours and 40 minutes more. The settlement has 31 silver, 26 copper and 51 iron in its coffers. The settlement is granted the following faith bonuses: War (0) damage: 0% CR: 0%, Healing (0): 0%, Enchanting (0): 0%, Rarity window: 0 bonus seconds These bonuses will decrease by 15% per day. The tile per creature ratio of this deed is 16.522388. Optimal is 15.0 or more.This is a good figure. Hammerfell is a non-democracy. This means your citizenship can be revoked by any city officials such as the mayor. The deed is built up from the ocean and looks over the ocean for many many tiles. It is completely level. It has a castle that is 9 stories 7 by 7 tiles square There are four house homes, three other buildings The village walls are one tile wide and two stories high around the entire perimeter of the deed with portcullis entrances. There are a few places that need finished walls on the second floor. The top of the walls has fencing around so you won't fall off Hammerfell is on the western ocean at G10 water is on three sides, it has a inlet with a bay, off deed there are two fenced areas with orchards of olive, apple, cherry and lemon trees. Two 80ql towers with max guards. Under the deed is a mine with a fountain for water several forges and several iron mines, copper, silver and lead. Down the road is an off deed mine with gold Deed comes with furniture There are several 4 to 5 speed horses, cows, bulls, bison, and sheep. Plenty of open deeded land to have farms and more houses This is two years of work. You won't find much nicer yet there is room for you to add your own touches and ideas. I would like to get 150 silver or $150 USD for this deed. As you can see there is 31 silver in the token so I am not asking as much as that sounds. You can breed the horses and sell the high speed offspring. Text me ingame Annalise, or email here in the forums.
  4. I have a non-prem alt on Chaos. I have been trying to go exploring with her but each time she dies (Headylamar) I have gotten the options of "Start" or "Kyara" or "outside Kyara", She is not a member of Kyara and has to suicide to get out and then is in the "death ocean" again. I got ahead of topic here. For any option I choose, I am sent to a 'death but alive ocean" I can't move or respawn or suicide. Nothing. I have no idea if this is a non prem issue. !, No option to respawn to deed. 2. Respawning sends toon to ocean no matter what option is chosen. I have had to have the GM's fish me out a few times. I feel bad about interrupting their game play for this. Please help.
  5. Ah, I understand. I don't improve items with the crafting window. I use I for improve, R for repair, and E for examine. I seldom have to move anything unless I am changing improving item. So I activate improving item, then hover over item to be improved. Then it is either a I or an R. I have only used the crafting window to make things, not improve them.
  6. I like your post, it is relevant. Number five could be fixed very easy, use the same code as the tree planting. Random, center, and/or add fixed positions of NE,SE, NW, SW, Center NE, CSE, CNW, CSW.
  7. I have repair bound to my R key. Works great and keeps wear and tear down on the touchpad on my Laptop.
  8. This should be really easy to do. Take the long table and convert it into a feasting table. Put the items on top like the one at Christmas. Let us, the players, open it and add food inside it like an oven/bsb (short term maybe) Meats, pies, breads, whatever we can make can be added to the feasting table. That way all my villagers can come into our feasting room in the castle and have feasts. And one doesn't have to open it to take stuff out they just open and 'eat' like the code in a fountain for 'drink'. Once food is added it can not be taken out. Maybe have a minimum on the ql of the food added and this gives skill to cooks. Thank you for your consideration.
  9. Side note here. It is a half bug. If you have higher carp skills you can remove the wall and fence plans. So if you can build it doesn't mean you can fix it. I had a player come in and remove the wall and fence plans I needed removed. She had a much higher carp skill than I. The removal of plans should be the same as the implementation of plans. My carp skill is 78.12 and I built up to level 8. My ability to change and modify stopped around level 4. Her carp skill is 86.05
  10. If you build a house more than a few levels the bugs begin. I have no idea when they begin but I know at level five they occur. Once anything is started it is NOT removable. I wanted to add a staircase, can't change the type of floor because it "causes unstability" Even if this is on a top floor with NOTHING above it. I made a mistake while putting on a stone parapet, I accidentally used a different type of border design and I can't remove it. This is at the top of the building, there is nothing above it. It supports NOTHING. So now my building is at a standstill until this bug is fixed. I know removal works at levels two and three and I know it doesn't work at level five.
  11. Can not seem to be able to remove wall plans on multi story buildings.
  12. Floor bug

    After removing a floor, there is no option to remove the floor plan. I took out two levels of floors because I kept getting the message. [16:04:15] Removing that would cause a collapsing section. There was nothing above. I wanted to take out one floor to replace it with a staircase but kept getting this message. 18 floors are now gone and still getting that message. I can not remove the floor plans even though there is nothing above them or beside them. So since I took out so many floors I needed to replace them, I started rebuilding the floors. First floor rebuilt.... this is the message upon examination. [16:34:02] QL = 38.676033, dam=138.76111. Please fix this.
  13. Here are some pics and more
  14. Nice large deed high up on a man made hill. Overlooks lake. Large seven storied house. Great mine. Iron,, Copper, and Gold. Easy access to town or to the lake. 35 silver. Contact Annalise. Pics