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  1. Rare Factory - Custom Made Rares Plus

    rare hatchet w/ 60 imbue cod to arakiel please.
  2. dogs

    Oh god it hurts.
  3. Independence Went Ka-Boom

    ...3 hours
  4. Independence Went Ka-Boom

    Sorry, i think i made one too many trellis. server been down an hour now, anyone around to kick the hamster? sleep bonus or riot?
  5. looking to buy 2 pairs of 5 speed (5 traits only) piebald pinto horses. pst arakiel ingame or forum pm
  6. Remove the Lag from Independence

    The lag today is much worse than it was last week. hmm... I wonder what i'll spend the sleep bonus on when the hamster has an aneurysm.
  7. [close] wtb 1 gold pst

    Hooked up, thread can be closed.
  8. [close] wtb 1 gold pst

    still looking
  9. [close] wtb mailbox

    After 20+ rare clay, bricks and cloth we managed to make one! Thanks Stickher for the help Thread can be closed.
  10. [close] wtb 1 gold pst

    verified paypal etc. pst arakiel ingame or on forums
  11. Jimbean's Paypal Guest Book

    150e deal went perfectly.
  12. WTS Store is Closed

    I'll take a smoke charge please.
  13. Garden boxes for farming

  14. [close] wtb mailbox

    Still looking, pst.
  15. Trader Item Suggestions

    +1, I would buy all the things.