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  1. +1 for cacti to be added that grow only on sand since we have no plants that currently can... right-click drink but take 4x thorn damage
  2. are you telling me this isn't natural? I just figured they had a rough night.
  3. spatula 1.5s?
  4. Scale set sold, please close thread.
  5. Selling a set of 90ql blue scale with supreme chest and blue drake helm. All casts are web, all runes are currently rarity but can prob change to imp speed or dam reduction if interested. Price is 220e Willing to take any combination of silver and/or paypal as well as up to 60 sleep powder (1s/per) Interested in a black or red drake set w/ helm for trade value of 75s as well (ql and casts do not matter) Please don't leave messages here, pm me directly on forums or ingame. Thanks
  6. rare hatchet w/ 60 imbue cod to arakiel please.
  7. Sorry, i think i made one too many trellis. server been down an hour now, anyone around to kick the hamster? sleep bonus or riot?
  8. looking to buy 2 pairs of 5 speed (5 traits only) piebald pinto horses. pst arakiel ingame or forum pm
  9. The lag today is much worse than it was last week. hmm... I wonder what i'll spend the sleep bonus on when the hamster has an aneurysm.
  10. Hooked up, thread can be closed.
  11. After 20+ rare clay, bricks and cloth we managed to make one! Thanks Stickher for the help Thread can be closed.