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  1. WTS 100 silver / 90€

    WTS 100 silver / 90€
  2. Unable to log in??

    and one other person has this problem
  3. Unable to log in??

    I and Conan have a similar problem http://i.imgur.com/VcNwcCg.jpg
  4. Plan for a Plan

    Rolf, you promised three years ago changes in combat system Adding cabinets and carpets this is no substitute.
  5. Plan for a Plan

    Wurm servers are empty, and we think that such a bilions changes has attracted new players? A new player always wants to play for free, have in the game everything and kill everything. Whether there will be five carpet patterns or ten pots, it is not important. Separate servers freedom and epic destroyed the game. It knows even Rolf?
  6. Plan for a Plan

    Why change the game? New carpet? New Flower? No ! Rolf invest in marketing! youtub, twitch, advertising, without it there is no new players ! Who remember Bashur ? One YouTuber more done than hundreds patch in the game !

    Do not cry Nahjo, The Roman Visa Card Republic does not need SotG.
  8. General Balance Discussion

    1. deed banner 2. aliance cape 3. separate painting sails and boats 4. painting plate set (paint with gold, silver, lead, copper, tin, zinc) 5. new uses for zinc, tin, lead, copper 6. new barding only for hh (fireproof) and visible 7. more useful cooked food 8. colossus new gods
  9. 1. random location in center hota 2. after take resources, player can not logout for 30 minutes 3. opening of the depot requires 70 fighting skill and premium Devs probably did not think that the around depot is a few offline alts.
  10. Final map

    Rolf do not like MR or what? very bad starting location
  11. Forward spawns on Elevation?

    PMK new players, they want to carebear fortress and with a billions walls ?
  12. Forward spawns on Elevation?

    we need a second portal near hota, we need fast travel near hota for home serwers
  13. New Elevation map suggestion

  14. News Update: Work and Progress. Week 15

    The new map is strange, but the map is good. lots of water = cool pvp Main island is not for cowards.
  15. Does anyone anticipated title for the player god? divine ?
  16. News Update: Work and Progress. Week 15

    good map I like to boat fight need HQ map !!
  17. unique title for player god

    I lost title Ascended and have only Magician as Copperfield
  18. Avatar of Tosiek

    I want pants
  19. So... We got a new god.

    thanks I hope to get the information from GM
  20. Hi, bug report - you cannot cut down sprouts from plants , if the grass under them was trimmed down.
  21. Epic feedback feedback thread

    reset elevation map + delete local YES ! only reset elevation map NO !
  22. Epic feedback feedback thread

    maybe elevation consists of four major islands?
  23. Epic feedback feedback thread

    Rolf, good decision. question: 1. will reimbursement for traders? 2. will reimbursement for deed ? ( deed to elevation an expensive strongholds ) 4. disable /who command on epic cluster ? 5. disable api for external applications for viewing how much people are on each server to prevent cross-alerting programs on epic ?