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  1. [Fixed] Wurm Client doesn't load

    II'm having the same issue on my Macbook Pro, running OS 10.13.1. Up to date Java. I open the client, the little splash rectangle shows, then it goes away and the app is nonresponsive. I got the same error message in Java console — that bit about "allowNegativeMouseCoordinates." Tried unplugging my USB mouse and restarting but no luck. Low mem client doesn't help at all. Gonna mess around with mouse stuff maybe, see if there's some weird Mac mouse thing going on.
  2. Sold

    3 to Malyk please
  3. Close pls

    cod necklace to Malyk please
  4. Horde of the Summoned - Chaos

    [17:43:00] Worldtender slain by Revengo Strah [17:44:04] Miket slain by Revengo Strah [17:47:11] Threap slain by Revengo Strah [17:50:42] Worldtender slain by Doctorchaos Bloodmaster Revengo Strah [17:51:08] Miket slain by Doctorchaos Revengo Strah [17:52:20] Pinejon slain by Doctorchaos Madt Bloodmaster Sklo Revengo Strah [13:39:47] Chiry slain by Spyte Bramsky Larry Strah Wynd Blazer Mika 
[13:42:12] Mika slain by Kabill Blazer Mhyr Spyte Bramsky Corbindallis Strah
[13:42:30] Flegmar slain by Kabill Spyte Bramsky Larry Strah Corbindallis Blazer Revengo Mhyr 
[13:42:51] Thirtynine slain by Kabill Spyte Bramsky Larry Strah Corbindallis Blazer Revengo Mhyr Just the last 8 days of PVP w/ (mostly) HOTS members! join now! convert or die!
  5. Cheap Lt Weapons

    medium maul w/ 90 nim 77 LT and 91 coc for 4.70 silver COD to Malyk please. if that one's been taken, then the 6.80 silver one w/ 81 coc
  6. Climb a High Mountain

    Bugged for me too. Have climbed lots of very high mountains and have never gotten the achievement.

    Onemind Farwalker amulets for quick mountain descents Wasn't it once possible to somehow breed humans by somehow using zombies? I feel like I recall some ghastly child model in the game. The blob!!
  8. WTS rare bone

    1x Rare Green Dragon Bone 25 silver mailed
  9. WTB LT Longsword

    Got what I was looking for.
  10. WTB LT Longsword

    I'm looking to buy an iron longsword w/ LT. I'd like a cast of 75+ of just LT (but if you have a sword with other casts I'll look at it). Quality of the sword doesn't matter too much. I'll take it via mail. Post here or PM me!
  11. WTA High QL rare tools, rare bows and rare saddle

    7) 8.50s
  12. My thoughts on Xanadu

    Agreed. I'm assuming this is just happening now because the dev team now has the resources for it, but I'd be much more excited if the Freedom PVE servers were all initially created as one huge map rather than to have Xanadu + the islands.
  13. My thoughts on Xanadu

    So I've noticed some discussion about Xanadu's size and people wondering if boats are going to be faster, etc. Casting aside discussion about whether wurm needs another server, or what kind of server it will be, etc—I think it's a really awesome idea. Wurm has always been about huge, customizable landmasses with forests to get lost in and mountains to climb. Xanadu takes this to the next level and really gives a grand sense of scale to it all. A server where you can truly explore and get lost. I don't think I'll be moving to there from my home (Chaos), but Xanadu has always been how I envisioned the ideal wurm server—one huge landmass, rather than islands split up. I support the dev team in trying out this idea—not only is it really cool, it's also rather cutting edge when it comes to open world MMO maps. Definitely a good publicity move for the game. Those who were on the test server, what do you think? From the little I got to saw, the map looks quite good—that extra space gives more room for bigger, grander everything, so the map seems much more natural.
  14. Two Rare Enchanted Horseshoes

    8s on the #1, 5s on #2
  15. Ravenholm [MR-Chaos]

    My newest creation