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  1. Late 2016 Roadmap

    @Buddaplease fix the Frustum bug
  2. Which one is Budda again? Congrats guys! And happy birthday Wurm and Retro. May you both age well
  3. Kind of an "old" thread to reply to, but as others have said it IS possible, but it's an incredibly silly thing to do as Brqqq mentioned. Java will receive the exit command on Alt-F4 and allow applets/apps (wurm in this case) to handle it safely as opposed to immediately exiting like when you Ctrl-alt-del end task (or sigkill vs. sigterm). Alt-f4 is a pretty standard understanding among applications to request an exit which is why the signal is handed from Java to the code instead of a developer needing to implement Alt-F4 in order for any action to happen. In the case of Wurm, it handles this close request with a confirmation to make sure a player REALLY intended to exit. A typical app may prompt to stop confirming in the future. I've yet to see an application allow someone to ignore Alt-F4 though.. That would be..odd.
  4. Yes, this would be toggleable. This is only a rendering change on the client side, so creatures would have no change in their vision. This was triggered when you stand inside of a mine, but not directly in the mine entrance tile (where we will still render the outside world). The only reason I stumbled across this was fixing some other rendering bugs, I did not set out just to fix this specifically so rest east . No, this would not fix the boats entering canals bug. I may revisit that one if I have more time..
  5. I'm looking at fixing some rendering bugs that have been around a while, and fixed a "bug" that would prevent anything on the surface from rendering once you fully entered a cave. I've found a fix for this, but there may be a performance impact (if there is, it would be an option you could turn off to increase FPS). Below is roughly what it would look like. So.. any interest? What it previously appeared as:
  6. All I want to know is how do I change all signs to say
  7. Lighting needs to work better first before creating even moar broken lights D=
  8. Yikes! That's correct, 10 Silver, NOT 10 Euros when purchased in-game.
  9. Re-download the unstable client from here;
  10. For those of you having this issue, please grab the latest unstable client which can be found here:
  11. A new unstable client is now available, for those having issues, please grab this new client and try again. NOTE: VERSION WILL NOT CHANGE!
  12. Incorrect. But if I spend time to create responses to your angry posts above (warranted by you or not), I can't fix your issue as I'm busy replying!
  13. If you cannot load the larger texture resolutions into memory, they will simply fail to load. By using lower resolution textures, you're effectively working around the memory limitation you seem to be facing.