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  1. If you would like you can CoD the gauntlets to Murdok. I am out of town at the moment but will be online later this evening. 


    Thank you





    1. DrQsman


      sory i had a break from a wurm do you still need thoes gloves?

  2. Bump - last chance before move it for auction
  3. Bump, Come on lets talk about price.
  4. BUMP --- Price reduction 10s for Both!
  5. Unfortunately it's a much too low for thoes great and shiny plate gloves Still waiting for offers! Dont bother catch me in a game.
  6. BUMP - Don't be shy just make an offers
  7. Hello! As in title. PM me by forum or ingame Drqsman! Price 6S !!!
  8. Hello, pc my account! https://niarja.com/skill_compare/DrQsman Nahjo follower, have referal on it and prem untill 16 Sep. also with it rare hammer 60ql and rare chain boot 40ql.
  9. HELLO! Need tunneling? Surface mining? Or maybe looking for someone to mine some ore/rocks or just need to flat some area? Here I come minner, digger ,mason. I can be everyone My skills: Mining 76; Masonry 43; digging 33; also have 63 FS if needed. Status: Available I have my tools with WOA to keep my actions fast! I'm living in Celebraton Q21. I have no problem to come to other servers (except chaos^^). All details about job and payment please send in PM on forum or in game to Drqsman . My timezone is GMT+2.