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  1. nvm don't have the silver anymore
  2. heading there from P8 pristine. i should be there shortly.
  3. awesome, i will log in now and start sailing if that works for you
  4. i will be there for the dragon fight
  5. Nw Xan Impalong

    i will come and help out as much as possible i can help in leatherworking, blacksmithing, cloth tailoring, and carpentry
  6. I logged in a toon yesterday just for a few seconds and i clicked the X on the right top corner to close it right when it said welcome back to Wurm. No one has logged her on since then and she has been on for the last 16 hours or so until this morning when i logged my main on and realized she was in my local and online in the alliance as well and that everyone said she had been on the whole time. I logged her back on and she got disconnected immediately but it got stuck connecting so i closed the window tried again and it loaded right up. I tried to recreate the problem but can't seem to get it to happen again