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  1. pickaxe, iron coc86 stone chisel, iron coc88 CoD to Hailstorm, ty
  2. Close

    Nvm i dont have the cash, forgot, sry xD
  3. WTS Rare Unfinished Forge 4s

    Can you cod it? If so send it to Hailstorm. If not let me know on pm ill drop by. :>
  4. WTS Tickets for sailing boats Event!

    Huhuhuh, everybody wins. Hell why not :> 13 Hailstorm Oleander ;>

    file, iron 19ql COC78 - 50c rake, iron 19ql COC87 - 80c grooming brush, oakenwoood 19ql COC82 - 65c leggat, oakenwood 70ql WOA65 - 35c mallet, pinewood 39ql COC89 - 60c meditation rug, cotton 7ql COC87 - 80c CoD to Hailstorm :> edit: also this thing carving knife, iron 23ql COC83 - 65c
  6. 77Ql Longsword 91Woa 89Fa 79Coc 44Ms

    I have to apologize but i would like to cancel my bid since im moving from my country to another and i wont have connection to internet, sorry again. I wont be online for a week or 2, maybe a month. Sorry again.