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  1. pickaxe, iron coc86 stone chisel, iron coc88 CoD to Hailstorm, ty
  2. Nvm i dont have the cash, forgot, sry xD
  3. Can you cod it? If so send it to Hailstorm. If not let me know on pm ill drop by. :>
  4. Huhuhuh, everybody wins. Hell why not :> 13 Hailstorm Oleander ;>
  5. file, iron 19ql COC78 - 50c rake, iron 19ql COC87 - 80c grooming brush, oakenwoood 19ql COC82 - 65c leggat, oakenwood 70ql WOA65 - 35c mallet, pinewood 39ql COC89 - 60c meditation rug, cotton 7ql COC87 - 80c CoD to Hailstorm :> edit: also this thing carving knife, iron 23ql COC83 - 65c
  6. I have to apologize but i would like to cancel my bid since im moving from my country to another and i wont have connection to internet, sorry again. I wont be online for a week or 2, maybe a month. Sorry again.